Results 1 – 12 of 61 Meditation: Letters on the Guidance of the Inner Life Oct 15, by Friedrich Rittelmeyer and M. L. Mitchell. The Holy Year: Meditative Contemplations of Seasons and Festivals. Friedrich Rittelmeyer; Translated by Margaret Mitchell and Alan Stott; Edited by Neil. By Friedrich Rittelmeyer. A Southern Cross Review E-book. http:// 56 pages. Born of October 5, , in Germany, Dr. Friedrich.

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Any organization attracts people who are joiners and not leaders. Most people, yet today, seem more interested in what so-called important minds have to say about new writers than in the writer’s writings. After a funeral at which Rittelmeyer did the services, he noticed Rudolf Steiner in attendance and walked with him back to his carriage.

I knew where Heaven was, the structure of God through the spiritual hierarchies, how they played and continue to play their role in our daily lives, how the Bible contains in terse metaphoric language in Genesis and Revelations descriptions of the rittelmeger and ending of time in our friedrcih section of the cosmos which meshes perfectly into Steiner’s more detailed and comprehensive description, and how Steiner knew the facts of the material he presented before he read them in the Bible and other ancient mystery school literature, where he found ample correlation for his personal findings.

That ritelmeyer what actually happened.

Rittelmeyer, Friedrich 1872-1938

The Nuremberg school teacher Michael Bauer in enabled Rittelmeyer to have his first encounter with Rudolf Steinerthe founder of anthroposophy. Even wilfulness did not altogether displease him, although he could not regard it as a quality likely to promote the cause of Anthroposophy.

When that had no effect, every other step would have been beneath him. Then I did not see him any more. It was a difference as between the uncanny flashing of rockets by night and the bright sunlight of day. With Rudolf Steiner there was simply no question of trance. It was agreed that he should say nothing about peace in his speech.

Rittelmeyer, Friedrich [WorldCat Identities]

There was little doubt in my mind that Steiner could never be a Steinerian, but even that minor doubt was dispelled when I read the following passage. I reject all these things.


Thus adorned, frierich body sank into the coffin. The Evangelists tell what was revealed to them as truth after deep contemplation of the events, even when they had not actually witnessed them. Most people call it coincidence and slough it off immediately. I have discovered that Moltke not the Chief of the General Staff, but his uncle, the Field Marshal is now trying to work for peace from the spiritual world.

Rudolf Steiner Enters My Life – Friedrich Rittelmeyer

Indeed it increased in clarity and power. Rudolf Steiner was a natural clairvoyant since birth.

Erlebtes und Erstrebtes by Friedrich Rittelmeyer Book 10 editions published between and in German and held by 49 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. The truth of reincarnation is a word of Christ to our time. Unfortunately, some minds are unable to stretch without snapping. That led him to rittelmeyr question that any serious student of Steiner’s work and life would have rkttelmeyer to ask him:.

This next passage reveals that Rittelmeyer may have provided the source of inspiration for the Christ figure in Steiner’s amazing wood sculpture, Representative of Man, which stands yet today in the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland. Where and when has mankind ever experienced anything like this?

And so one word came to one, another to another, each according to his particular preparation. With the Synoptic Gospels I must first adjust myself. People may say nowadays that my writings are mad, but my earlier work is also there, and they cannot wholly ignore it.

It had been my privilege in life to come into contact with many outstanding personalities and, as a clergyman, with the destinies and characters of very many human beings.

Again and again he quotes the old Moltke.

Friedrich Rittelmeyer

Steiner had once said to my wife: Aus meinem Leben by Friedrich Rittelmeyer Book 10 editions published between and in German and English and held by 51 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

In Rittelmeyer was sent to the Neue Kirche in Berlin, working as preacher there. Who was there in Germany at that time who saw things with this clarity of perception? Apparently there was a similar interest in things Eastern during the s as well. But they did not see that in the very heart of European civilization there was something far greater, something that would have given them the most living understanding of the Mystics of the past and the Yogis in far-off India.


One place this shows up is in the well-known statistic that psychiatrists in our time have a very high suicide rate.

It was as if Aristotle and Aquinas had merged into one man and come to illuminate humankind with the knowledge it requires to begin its progression upward into the spiritual world again.

It is Christian to bear within one the consciousness which once brought Christ from Heaven to earth, to find one’s joy in being like unto Him and to work with Him wherever He may need us. One need only study and work at it and the truth will reveal itself in time.

It is not Christian to long for rest and blessedness far from the miseries of earth. If you would find people who are self-assured and love freedom, you will not likely find them as the prominent members of an organization. But calumnies spread abroad by opponents to the effect that Rudolf Steiner’s exercises made people ill, and that I myself am an example of this, must be put an end to.

It was a karmic necessity. They faded into shadows. If I would recast the article in this sense it would be gladly accepted. Steiner had given most of his great lectures, I was performing the burial service according to the ritual of the Christian Community, a drop of the sprinkled water fell in the center of the forehead and shone there through the whole service like a sparkling diamond.

The truth is exactly the reverse. Steiner, and in the solemnly decorated hall where Dr. Now I will tell you something.

He chanced to ask Steiner a couple of pertinent questions about funerals:. I had first to acquire this courage. If there were pervasive delusions in Steiner’s teachings, he could test the man himself.