Vikki Wakefield talks about the process of writing her Young Adult novel, Friday Brown. wakefield. ‘They call me Friday. It has been foretold that. Friday Brown is the breathtaking second novel from the author of the award- winning All I Ever Wanted. Children’s Book Council of Australia Honour Book, Friday Brown [Vikki Wakefield] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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I love this book that much. There is no sugar coating it. Is it possible to be whole again and what does that look like?

Me, too I just have to read this. I was overwhelmed by the desire to say everything, and not knowing how to express anything. But at some point after the first draft was written, I abandoned reason and ran on instinct, which is an interesting parallel between my writing process and the character, Friday Brown. During her study she rediscovered young adult books and found her voice.

Brodn need others to read this. She hoofs it into the city, and there feels more lost and alone, never more aware of the hole Vivienne left in her heart. The bickering begins, the infighting, trips to town for supplies. She was born in Adelaide and still lives and writes there. She’s written in a way that’s so pain This is fridaj beautiful, heartbreaking and ultimately life-affirming novel. View all 28 comments.


Throughout the book Vivienne, Friday’s mother is like a ghost and is remembered at least once every ten pages. Frankly, I wakefieldd it shouldn’t matter to …more Judging from the book Vikoi highly doubt it since the Friday only expresses romantic interest in male characters.

Friday Brown

It is on the other hand the charismatic Arden – the group leader who will challenge Friday more than she would she like. It feels sensitive and delicate and beautiful. This novel feels frriday love letter to Australia. It was a perfect ending, but I could not find myself to love it. It will break your heart then put the pieces back together in a new way.

Silence whose story I wanted to know. So, I’ve read 40 books this year and this is my first 5-star read. The themes in Friday Brown came about through the interaction between characters and the momentum of the story. The Brown women were cursed.

They call me Friday. Anyone who picks this book up, come back here.

If anyone needed protecting more than Friday it was Silence, he was such a captivating character and I loved the friendship that blossomed between them. The Story of My Book: But now, of course, comes the terrible downtime between Vikki Wakefield releases, when I have to wait for her wajefield book to come into my life. And it is Friday who pays the consequences for it. She earned them, every one.


Vikki Wakefield

However, this book does a good job in exploring each of these aspects individually with amazing writing and fleshed out instances. Friday, I could deal with, but not Silence.

Both the city and the country landscapes are luminous and real. So I could open it and touch the pages.

Silence Honestly, there have been only a handful of books that have affected me like this. Life leads her into the city and to a ragtag group of street ki Vivienne used to say that sometimes the best you can do is to try not to be one of the bastards. Then the most significant part of the book is a curse, that is said to be haunting the Brown women, according to which they all die because of water. Friday lacks confidence, she doubts and she pushes away anyone she feels may get too close to her.

The Story of My Book: Vikki Wakefield on Friday Brown

Want to Read Currently Reading Fridya. And if only I ever had beginnings and my past was so perfect, then the future would never measure up. Life leads her into the city and to a ragtag group of street kids all working for the good of their little family, it appears.