Type, API. License · X Consortium. Website, FreeGLUT is an open-source alternative to the OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) library. These kept the API (all gluts functions are usually implemented exactly with the Two of the most common GLUT replacements are OpenGLUT and freeGLUT. It looks to me that Ubuntu has provided everything that the original web site http:// has provided. The api documentation.

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Freeglut sets the current window to the window aip is active when the callback is invoked. Any spec comparator and value after the token is ignored.

The glutMainLoopEvent function processes a single iteration in the freeglut event loop. By using a function pointer returned from glutGetProcAddressthe application will avoid this hard ap and be more portable and xpi better with various implementations of OpenGL.

The glutInitWindowPosition and glutInitWindowSize functions specify a desired position and size for windows that freeglut will create in the future. The glutSpecialFunc function specifies the function that freeglut will call when the user presses a special key on the keyboard. Freeglut calls glRasterPos4v to advance the cursor by the width of a character and to render carriage returns when appropriate.


The glutCloseFunc function specifies the function that freeglut will call to notify the application that a window is about to be closed, either because it is requested using glutDestroyWindowbecause the user clicked on the “x” in the window header for top-level windows onlyor due to a pending closure of a subwindow’s parent window. Ffreeglut, John Tsiombikas, and Diederick C.


The glutStrokeWidth function returns the width of the given character in the specified freeg,ut font. The glutSetWindowTitleglutSetIconTitle set the window title for when the window is in a visible state and when it is in an iconified state respectively.

Also, GLUT’s license is freehlut with some software distributions e. The glutWireIcosahedron and glutSolidIcosahedron functions draw a wireframe and solid icosahedron twenty-sided Platonic solid respectively. The wire cone is rendered with triangular elements. The glutSpecialUpFunc function sets the window’s special key release callback.

c++ – Recommended OpenGL / GLUT Reference – Stack Overflow

Not all window managers support such finegrained callback messages or can even ensure basic correctness. The rendering position in freeglut is apparently off from GLUT’s position by a few pixels vertically and one or two pixels horizontally. Freeglut calls these callbacks when the visibility status of a window changes. Feel free to test by downloading a tarball of current trunkor grabbing a copy from svnand give us feedback on how it worked for you. Freeglut does not change the current window or the current menu before invoking the idle callback; programs with multiple windows or menus must explicitly set the current window and current menu and not rely on its current setting.

The glutWireRhombicDodecahedron and glutSolidRhombicDodecahedron functions render a rhombic dodecahedron whose corners are at most a distance of one from the origin. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Freeglut provides full control of the event loop.


The glutBitmapHeight function returns the height of a character in the specified bitmap font.

Freeglut documentation

Note the mouse wheel still functions as the middle button, but those events are treated as regular press and release mouse button events. In the first case, the aip callback is not invoked from the glutDestroyWindow call, but at a later time point.

Furthermore GLUT last release was back in the last century…. Pete OHanlon 8, 2 21 Within this loop, freeglut polls the data entry devices keyboard, mouse, etc. The available options are:.

This is useful for multiple window setups. Stopping the program this way is preferable to simply calling exit from within a callback because this allows freeglut to free allocated memory and otherwise clean up after itself. Instead, describe the problem and spi has been done so far to solve it. Lastly, to support drawing these objects with shaders, three functions have been added with which users can provide the addresses ffreeglut the Coordinate, Normal and Texture Coordinate vertex attribs: The glutWireCylinder and glutSolidCylinder functions draw a wireframe and solid cone respectively.