FRAKO power factor correction (PFC) systems make a major contribution to achieving energy efficiency and EMR , RM and RM use micro-. The reactive power control relay RM and RM respectively can be .. Model RM /12 Sales Programme Power capacitors for low voltage FRAKO. and RM respectively is capa- ble of measuring the 6 switching contacts at RM • Power factor FRAKO Power Bus Connection *) ..

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Tell us what you need by filling in the form. If set to Off the response current setup code and the value of the switch outputs must be programmed manually. Press the “Select” key i. Check fuses and contacts of capacitor contactors as well as the power consumption of the various capacitor stages if necessary. To keep the load of the current transformer as low as possible, the feed lines should have a adequate cross section. Their innovative control characteristics meet all the frrako of modern industrial networks and make these control relays suitable for all applications.

This can be read under setup code but not altered. Suitable for current transformers with rated secondary current of 1A or 5. Functioning and operation activated, the control relay also checks the power of the capacitors connected.

After current is restored the control relay switches the required stages on.

Reactive Power Control Relay RM 2106/12

No stage activation in automatic control relay mode despite inductive load. If response current recognition is deactivated, then an error in the connection will lead to functional errors during subsequent operation. If the control relay does not behave as described above, the device should be switched off and the installation should be checked.


The measuring procedure then is similar to that for the extended connection see section 2.

All information on FRAKO

Frko simplify matters the control relay is set to standard values in the factory see table 1 below. All components of a power factor correction system are operated carefully by these control relays and protected from overloads. This message is acknowledged automatically after about 30 r or can be acknowledged by pressing any key. This alarm can be suppressed at setup code This function should be set to OFF when choked capacitor stages are used. The control voltage of the transformer may not exceed VAC.

Check for the contactors to be energized. A wide range of setting options are provided to enable the reactive power control relay to be used in the widest possible way.

Their innovative control characteristics meet all the requirements of modern industrial networks and make these control relays suitable for all applications. The switch outputs with the lowest capacity are assigned relative value 1. In the event of an alarm, switching contact 6 is closed. This means that all frequencies up to the 31st harmonic are taken into account calculating harmonic overcurrent in the capacitor see also section 4.

If the power factor displayed does not correspond to the actual power factor, the identification of the connection must be repeated. The user should check whether the values displayed correspond to the connected capacitor stage. At the same time, the stage indicator a shows the switched capacitor stages. It is not possible to read the cause of the alarm.


It then behaves in the same way as in the initial start-up see section 3. When all messages have been acknowledged, the control relay begins the automatic regulating process. Programmable overcurrent alarm threshold limit from1.

Rear view j Connection for the current transformer m Connectors for the control contacts that switch the contactors. I agree to the terms and privacy policy.

The total harmonic distortion factor of the voltage thd is also measured between the phase conductors in this type of connection. If a floating potential contact is required, use an additional contactor relay. In contrast, the capacitor discharge time is fixed at one minute. Please enter Mobile Number. Manual mode does not frsko automatically.

Power factor control relay / panel-mount / programmable / digital – V | RM – FRAKO

If all possible switching 206 are sorted according to reactive power capacitythen the power difference between two consecutive combinations may not be more than 1. The control relay always attempts to obtain a better power factor. An alarm signal is emitted at the same time. The control relay should be disconnected from the mains during installation.

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