Buy Fractal Time by Gregg Braden now! In his latest book, former senior computer systems designer and bestselling author Gregg Braden. Fractal Time (abridged audio book). The Gregg Braden Audio Collection*. Speaking the Lost Language of God. The Spontaneous Healing of Belief ( abridged. In this fascinating book, Gregg Braden merges the modern discoveries of nature’s patterns (fractals) with the ancient view of a cyclic universe. The result is a.

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Bradne Importance of Higher Education. As each cycle repeats, it carries a more powerful, amplified version of itself. With increased awareness, human beings should be able to recognize the patterns and therefore have more control over the outcomes — no longer victims of fate. With the types of things he uses as examples, with such vagueness, that it renders the entire book just about meaningless.

He is Advisory Director and founding member of The Maya Conservancy, a non-profit foundation dedicated to education and preservation of ancient Maya sites. The earth will then begin the long trip anew.

Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and Prophecy. Referred to as catastrophism in modern parlance, theories as to why this pathology persists range from the curses of biblical Revelation to suppressed racial memory of past planetary or societal disaster.

Fractal Time Calculator

Wayne Dyer 13 Dec, In Exploring Fractal Time: When the TCC is tractal, one may note that moments of both joy and pain are intricately interwoven in the same periods. The organization of the book according to the 21 Time Codes was hardly a structure at all. Braden explores the ideas of various ancient cultures regarding “World Ages” and shows their similarity. And as far as his idea about president assassinations being patterns, he only mentions the assassination attempts that happen to fit in his logarithm and doesn’t explain all the other attempts that have happened over the years.


We unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction with all Sounds True bradem for one year when purchased via our website or catalog. Nautilus Book Award for Spirituality What actually does this book talks about? Reversing the current trajectory of the world towards its own destruction is the ultimate message of the book, end of the world age or feactal. The recent National Geographic publication, “Sizing Up The Universe” provides a scientific view of Eternity beyond a wall frcatal time in which billions of galaxies exist.

Just as life crises although seemingly horrendous actually present wonderful opportunities for growth, may prove to be the year where a global crisis forces mankind to transform to a new level of being, where we learn to allow heart-based decisions instead of those based on cold reason to take precedence.

Tume by Gregg Braden. He introduces some scientific principles and information that really made me think. There is gregh of healing work on Jul 21, David rated it liked it.

But, once he sets up the basic groundwork, things break down quickly. This theory is nicely laid out with formulae and several examples, and an appendix at book’s end with even more step by step detail.


Account Options Sign in. Sep 04, Tess Rupprecht rated it liked it Shelves: May 06, Mike Rot rated it liked it. Nice reading but keep the stories of the bible in mind while reading this. Fractal Time starts off with promise.

Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age

Not altogether a popular choice but the higher good prevailed. He’s very selective in use of evidence, doesn’t discuss alternative interpretations of his evidence, blows past problems, doesn’t fully understand the implications of the science he draws upon e.

The past mirrors the future. It also helped me understand the Mayan calendar much better, which does not actually say that world will end on Dec 21st. The result is a powerful model of time— fractal time —and a realistic window into what we can expect for the mysterious year If you want to be notified about site updates, please register here.

But, they’re not entirely to blame. Remember me on this computer. Feb 20, Fracal rated it it was ok. It was an unwritten tactic that was passed around, united the voting population, and catapulted Noynoy to the presidency. Login to add review Only people who have purchased this product can leave a review.

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