The “foundations” which the Committee investigated did not all carry that label, . RENE A. WORMSER CONTENTS PREFACE by drazilla carroll reece v. Rene Wormser was the counsel for a congressional committee commissioned to investigate the great tax-exempt foundations. Despite opposition from the. Foundations has 17 ratings and 0 reviews. Rene Wormser was the counsel for a congressional committee commissioned to investigate the.

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There was no free gift of the notes. Congressional committees can contribute very sub- stantially to such appraisal.

Of this sum, he iaid, less than 3 percent came from foundations. In one case, the foundation had 20 trustees who held a total of positions as trustees or officers of other philanthropic organizations, or an average of 5. In a way, they did.

Supported by a foundation for world government endowed with 31, by Mrs. Even after discussion of the criticized conditions.

He did this by implying that foundation wwormser tees and managers should and could assume leadership in the realm of ideas with the help of intermediary expert organizations supported, in turn, by foundation funds.

In addition, as far as the courts are concerned, the law is regrettably ambiguous as it stands.

Foundations, America Foundations; Their Power And Influence Rene A Wormser ( 1958)

These denials cannot be sincere. Manly, the director of research of the Commission on Industrial Relations, dealt at length with foundation problems. It had, for example, received a letter from Dr. But any comprehensive study of foundations in their re- lation to our society would have to take corporate foundations into account.

The investigation by the Reece Committee disclosed no criticism whatsoever of the Kellogg, Duke, or Pew foundations. The Reece Committee was shocked to find that one so important in the fooundations world as Charles Dollard, then president of the powerful Carnegie Corporation, had contributed an article to the Social Science Research Council’s publication, Items, in which, referring to mistakes in poll taking and in the Kinsey research, he made this statement: Similarly, the nature of the reviews given to his paper may be of vital importance.


Numerous foundations pursue their political ways free of interference by the Internal Revenue Service because of the ambiguity and weakness of the statute referred to.

The power to venture into the realm of thought, to support and promote ideas, foudations not be delegated except in a minor, administrative sense. It is tragic in a high degree that men who have won confidence and position in the education world should be intimidated wlrmser expressing criticism of a foundation whose administrators and policies they do not respect. Nothing short of an unhampered Congressional investigation could hope to bring out the vital facts; and the pressure against Congressional investigation has been almost incredible.

The chief motivation in the crea- tion of foundations has long ceased to be pure philanthropy — it is now predominantly tax avoidance or minimization.

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Eris Kalisty marked it as to-read May 07, Not all tax-exempt foundations have received as generous treat- ment from the courts as did the League for Industrial Democracy, The Twentieth Century Fund lost its tax exemption for the years to because of its advocacy of enabling laws on credit-union extension. He spoke of corporate power first; then, of what appeared to him a similar problem in relation to the large foundations.

Of this sum, the activities conducted by Dr.

Trustees who direct great enterprises would never sanction methods of this kind in their own organizations. Rocke- feller, his son, and whomsoever they may appoint as their successors. He attributes to them a growing force for con- formism, threatening in the end to destroy all vestiges of genius, individual responsibility and initiative, and with them the wormseer cepts of individual independence and liberty so dear to earlier generations.


Raymond Davis marked it as to-read Oct 19, The tax law is woefully weak. In his recent book, Philanthropic Foundations Mr. The growing radicalism which was beginning rapidly to permeate academic circles was no grass-roots movement.

Foundations: Their Power and Influence

It will impose on him the most powerful pressure to conform to a pattern of mediocrity. Each of the great foundations can exercise influence in the foundatioms of ideas so powerful that it justi- fies a fear of mere foundatioons. It pays for a staff under Mr. They may cause donations to be made to institutions or funds on whose directive boards they sit. The school administrator approaching a foundation, hat in hand, and eager to propose a project which conforms to the known leanings of the foundation executives, is a sad product of our age.

Foundations: Their Power and Influence by Rene A. Wormser

Unlike the power of corporate management, it is unchecked by stockholders; un- like the power of government, it is unchecked by the people; un- like the power of churches, it is unchecked by any firmly es- tablished canons of value. America, he says, has been borrowing ideas from Europe, es- pecially in basic worrmser, from nations favored neither by large industrial-research operations nor by the bounty of giant tax- exempt foundations.

He accuses foundations rne commonly practicing interlocking management together with some of the large uni- versities pp. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want eene read. His observations are in conflict with the apologetic contentions of those managers of endowments who testified in later Congressional hearings that they did not interfere with the intellectual pursuits of grantees.

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