Fortean Times features. 14 BAFFLING BLAZES. Cases of spontaneous combustion. 44 THE GHOST HUNTER’S DAUGHTER. Who you gonna call?. Title: Fortean Times – March , Author: Carlos Rodriguez, Name: Fortean Times Since the election of Donald Trump in November , US embassy staff. Results 1 – 48 of Fortean Times UK Magazine Issue 96 March Stigmata FORTEAN TIMES – SEPTEMBER Issue # – UFOS OVER CHINA.

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Emerson was introduced to Rickard in latewhen after seven issues, he “wanted to improve the graphics”, which Tijes certainly did, providing around 30 headings for use in issues 8 onwards. They will then, inevitably and rightly, ask the follow-up question: In addition to conducting interviews and research, Holzer often brought a medium with him on a case.

Assuming their report to be genuine and I have no reason to doubt itthere seems little option but to assume that giant freshwater eels timee indeed exist, at least in the Ohio waterways.

In latethere was a newspaper story that Mrs Trunley had just given birth to another very large, heavy son; this may well have been the Albert Edward Trunley whose birth was registered in earlybut nothing more is known about him than that he expired in Later stages involved falls of objects including potatoes, tin cans and coins, inside and outside.

Telegraph, 28 Sept But the story does not end there. With 35, Summer ’81 the address was changed. At the former gates of the ill-fated Fornham Park, which lies adjacent to the Monument across the river, a dangerous female apparition known as Red Hannah was said to appear at dusk, serving as a bugbear for threatening wayward children.

Full text of “Fortean Times March UK”

Dan Aykroyd, who wrote and starred in the movie, is on record as a Holzer fan. Publication Name see all. Charmaine, a mother of one, has recently found out about other possible Bigfoot sightings north-east of Carmyllie.


Bob Rickard produced an article on one ” Clemente Dominguez: When hay is dry, bacteria cannot thrive; if it is damp, they multiply and the hay decays, generating heat.

Willie Filtz, the rotund American Fat Boy, who was active in showbusiness until his premature demise in This hypothetical substance, composed of nothing but neutrons, supposedly occurs in dortean stars pulsars. From these he obtained the results: However, the suggested scenario of baby oil igniting cotton clothing seems unlikely, unless the parents accidentally used linseed oil or another of the highly reactive drying oils that reacts with air. Meanwhile, grey seals off the UK are mutilating and slaugh- tering porpoises.

However, to be impenetrable by electrons and positrons, it is not necessary for the neutrid shell to be solid. He insisted there were no other buses on that road until he delivered these drivers to the depot at Millwood, on the road out toward Hebden Bridge. She mqrch and sank, taking the lives of some 2CC passengers.

But Charlie warned him that since America already had a great many fat comedians, actors and performers of every description, it would be very difficult for a foreigner to break into the industry.

Want to see how opinion evolved over the years?. It was not a wind blowing at me, like a stormy day. She was devastated but set about replanting and restoring the garden. Beginning with more recent issues presumably for reasons of ease — more recent issues would be more readily available as digital filesthey have also begun to re-release the earliest issues — it appears that the digital archive CD forteam has taken over from print collections.

Anyway, he believes he is immortal, so he thought the idea of displaying his corpse was stupid to begin with. As her clothes fell apart she stitched new ones with rags.


When he was dug up, his body was found to be well fottean. You may also like. Dr Menkov borrowed the Ball from Naumenko and passed it to Dr Fomenko, who formulated a very detailed and sophisticated programme to study the unusual object by scientific methods.

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From time to time there were attempts to help her off the streets, by both official agencies and well-meaning music-lovers. Publication Decade see all.

Over the past decade, 1, severely scarred dead porpoises have washed up on North Sea coastlines, mainly forteann Holland, and at least 17 per cent are estimated to have been killed by seals. But Manson, 80, got wind of the plan and now no longer wants to marry Burton. Sir Hans Sloane and others revealed that these strange artefacts were actually the hairy rhizomes of a large arborescent oriental fern, whose roots and most of its frond stems had been timrs, leaving just four stems remaining that had been carefully shaped ,arch resemble legs.

The magazine itself dropped the description ‘non-profitmaking’ from its publication information, and ceased to name its stated-affiliations to INFO and SITU and ‘other Fortean journals’ in favour the more general aim to be a “friend to all groups and magazines continuing the work of Charles Fort”.

Johnny and Florence Trunley, with stepson Reg riding pillion. First identified in Britain in in Gloucestershire, a colony invaded a house in Hendon, north-west London, last year and more have been found in Buckinghamshire. Secret Past Timwsand a memoir of her family.

The shocking truth about the first flying saucers”. So what did he see?