Trending pages. Xanathar’s Thieves’ Guild · Skulls of Skullport. All items (14). Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport is an expansion for the Lords of. Nhyris D’Hothek was a yuan-ti slaver who possessed the Crown of Horns prior to the Spellplague. Nhyris was a slaver living in Skullport, working under his uncle Zstulkk Ssarmn of the Iron Ring. Yuan-ti purebloods.

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Directly below glorious Waterdeep, adjacent to infamous Undermountain, lies a city where good and evil put aside their eternal conflict to live and let live: Strange sites and activities, both universally shunned and pursued, abound in this subterranean “Casablanca. Want to Read Currently Wkullport Read. The guildmasters seized control of the city soon afterward, ushering in a period of unrest and bitter conflict known as the Guildwars. Abner rated it really liked it Nov 16, He is the Unmasked Lord in some references, the Open Lordand wears no mask over either his face or his heart.

A K Peters, Ltd. Waterdeep is indicated to have been a citadel of a fantasy race called the dwarves, and the entire length and great depth of the mountain is riddled with passages and tunnels, most of which are still occupied by deadly creatures whose presence in the mountain pre-dates the founding of the city itself. The city was truly established as a growing concern by DR, the year Ahghairon became the first Lord of Waterdeep, and the date from which Northreckoning is counted.

Beyond skuolport listed conjecture swings widely as to who is a Lord and who is not. This is due to the efforts of a group called the Masked Lords, the patrols of the Waterdeep City Watch, and the close proximity of Skullportwhich draws those prone to unlawful or unethical behavior towards it and away from Waterdeep. Mac Mathghamhna rated it skulloort was ok Jan 06, Ted marked it as to-read Aug 05, The Flrgotten ended only when the two surviving guildmasters brought in their own period of misrule.


Lists with This Book. The population of the city is listed as approximately , with more than one million Waterdhavians making their home within the city’s territorial area. This was the year that the Magisters [ clarification needed ] were established and the secret Lords of Waterdeep were firmly reestablished.

When the bowsprit makes contact with the portal, the vessel and all its contents are transported instantly to the middle of the Lapal Sea, about 2, miles to the south-southeast at the base of the Chultan peninsula.

The Winding Serpent – Skullport

Here are the ways in that I am aware of. Zell rated it really liked it Jun 06, Fprgotten is named for its outstanding natural deepwater harbor, which has made the city a commercial crossroads.

Khelben’s status as Masked Lord was later revealed, but only after resigning the post, and in the Songs and Swords series of novel, Danilo Thannof Waterdeep’s wealthy and influential Reealms familyand Khelben’s nephew, became one of the secret Lords.

They swiftly attack any other creature who passes through the portal, but skulllport to take captives rather than kill outright, so that Zstulkk can interrogate them at his leisure. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Perilous Gateways

Views Read Edit View history. The skull portal in the Serpent Hills leads to this humid cavern far below Skullport. Matt added it Jan 24, Eye of the Beholder was a role-playing video game developed by Westwood Studios and published by Strategic Simulations, Inc. I know it’s in the Underdark, and I know it’s basically below Waterdeep All information drawn from the Forgotten Realms Wiki.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. The city government consists of a cryptocracy of mostly anonymous individuals known as the Masked Lords of Waterdeep. Erin marked it as to-read Oct 11, The vessel must simply be steered bow-first into the wall. BookDB marked it as to-read Sep 24, From the cavern floor, a small step pyramid rises like a coiled serpent, its stone walls carved with more reptilian imagery.

The exact location of this is unknown, but it was intended to be an elevator shaft running from Waterdeep straight to Skullport. It was never technically finished, but what that means is up to you, as DM. Jake K rated it it was ok Aug 19, GMJoe Probably not, but I can’t find anything concrete.

I hadn’t heard about the Corkscrew, and I can’t find mention of it in the FR wiki. Humans, dwarveselveshalflingshalf-elvesgnomeshalf-orcs. Sign up using Email and Password. Wizards of the Coast. Zstulkk dreams of bringing all of Skullport under yuan-ti domination, forming the city into a serpentine city-state with himself as priest-king. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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