Forbidden Love was a very good book because it made me more aware of some of . Some background: Norma Khouri is a Catholic from Jordan, whose best. But Norma Khouri is a fake, and so is Forbidden Love. With Australian sales approaching ,, the book told of her lifelong friendship with a. Forbidden Love [Norma Khouri] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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She published it under the assertion that it is a nonfictional account of her friend although it had inaccurate descriptions of the Jordanian women’s lives and of the Jordanian suburbs and villages, and she wasn’t in Jordan during the time frame of the events of the book, she barely even lived in Jordan. You of course know what is going to happen but you still hope beyond hope that it won’t, and when it does, your heart breaks alongside Norma Khouri.

I appreciate the book because it was the catalyst for me to look into Jordanian culture and history.

Bestseller on honour killing ‘is a fake’

It is hard for me to figure out the author’s intentions; controversy, sensationalism, profit? None the less, Forbidden Love opened my eyes to how women are treated in Muslim countries and was a inspiring and dramatic story. Norma Khouri is a Catholic from Jordan, whose best friend, Dalia, was murdered by her Forbiddeen family because she fell in love with a Catholic man. However, I can’t recommend it because, though there are some truths about honor killings in it, overall the story is fake.

But there is no record of her ever being there.

She also did not research the practice sufficiently, and caused forbidddn to the awareness work of honour killings that was being undertaken by many firbidden in Jordan.

You will be terrified by the amount of sadness this book brings. Feb 20, Viktoriya rated it it was ok. She didn’t heroically make a stand for women’s rights which forced her out of the country of her birth, unless she was an oddly feminist 3 year old.

As I was reading Norma’s book, though, I kept thinking there were some inconsistencies. The novelist Peter Carey’s latest work, My Life as a Fake, was based on the true story of two army officers in the s who fooled the country’s literary scene with the published work of an imaginary poet, Ern Malley.


The woman in the muslin mask: The cynical maintain, however, that her book was born not out of compassion or experience but purely to cash in on interest in Arab ways of life and thought. Things were further complicated forbiddden Random House Australia because Khouri was sponsored under the category of nomination for distinguished talent in There’s khuri way to put an end for it, and that would be taking drastic measures for anyone who commits it.

After criticism from Jordanian writers and groups in regards to numerous errors, the book was exposed as a literary hoax in It was almost as if it was written for young adults, not mature educated people. I’m a Muslim girl living in Jordan, this kinda stuff happens, but no more than few cases a year, we do not live in constant fear of being kill because we love, you cannot generalize the whole Jordanian community to be murderous just because some crazy person decides to kill This book is just one big fat lie.

Why on earth couldn’t Norma Khouri simply admit her book is a romantic fiction? Perhaps she herself doesn’t know, but it seems to me that a woman with such a talent for deception and such energy and passion surely potentially has much to offer to the world.

Forbidden Love (novel) – Wikipedia

Dalia was a young, beautiful Arabian Muslim living with h I’d always believed that we’d spend our lives together I learned a lot I didn’t know about life in Jordan and common cultural experiences there for women.

I did arrive to this conclusion during my first experience with it, as I was in 10th grade, and simply too enthralled with how unique this book was amongst the bland, and frankly white-washed titles we had in school. Her family had not heard from her sincewhen she abruptly left Chicago to write the book.

Aug 13, Alli rated it did not like it. Shocking and dramatic, Honor Lost will strike a chord with women everywhere and is a testimony to the courage and strength of women who are prepared to defy generations ofmale dominance.

In she married John Toliopoulos, the father of her two children, Zoe and Christopher. She said in a brief statement: Her father eventually finds out and stabs Dalia to death in a so-called honor killing. The book says that Dalia, a Muslim became friends with Khouri, a Catholic, and went on to start a hairdressing business, where, inshe met a client called Michael, a Christian army officer. No eBook available Amazon.


The horrifying reality is that the courts and laws in Jordan support this “honor killing” and no one can do anything about it. Ho anche notato che la gente comune non ne parlava volentieri e ho toccato con mano la reticenza delle ragazze ad affrontare l’argomento. Refresh and try again. This was fresh and it generated cogent dialogue with people for weeks to come. That, to me, is unforgivable. She has nothing to lose by coming out with the full truth about Dalia’s identity, and the sole reason that she hasn’t done so is because Dalia is fiction.

It is a crime that effectively goes unpunished. In July — a year after the book’s release — Sydney Morning Herald literary editor Malcolm Knox wrote a series of articles which exposed Khouri as a complete fraud: Jul 03, Sarah rated it did not like it. Khouri also aroused suspicions because she spoke perfect American English despite claiming to have never lived in the United States. This is the story of an Honor Killing of an innocent woman.

When I first read it, it was believed to be a true story. But Dalia was not one of them, said Ms Husseini. I’m saddened that a Jordanian woman, who didn’t spend her live in Jordan, and not even Muslim, tries to attack a world she knows nothing about. If “telling the truth” is dangerous and has been dangerous for as long as you can remember what can you trust in?

After the revelation of her literary hoax made headline news, she moved back to the United States. It’s important to note that the laws of Jordan are ultimately the same as it pertains to the “honor and reputation” of families and women. I’m glad Khouri decided to hon in on that in Honor Lost, which is the crux of her story, next to forbidden love, whether the protagonist and the logistics of the story are completely real or not.

According to the book, Khouri’s denunciations of what happened put her life in danger. Dalia and Michael were only alone on a handful of occasions, and their relationship remained entirely chaste.