The note at the top says to use the foomatic/ljet4 driver, but the later instructions say to use the foomatic/hl Does someone know which is. I picked up a Brother HLW wireless laser printer at OfficeMax a and Model: Brother HLW Foomatic/hpijs-pcl5e (recommended). In Intrepid Ibex, the Brother HL printer is not working under default drivers. as for the HLW printer. autodetects, uses this ppd, still listed as debian/control: Made foomatic-db-hpijs package obsolete by adding.

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Available diffs diff from ubuntu3 in Ubuntu to You might not be able to tell right away, but this is a macro photo of ashes from an incense stick. So I got the printer hooked up, on the wireless network, static IP set up, and off I go to install the drivers on the machines. Available diffs diff from ubuntu1 to ubuntu1 6.

Let build process error out if PPD archiving errors out. Julian Lam julian-lam wrote on Both comments and pings are currently closed.

Published in artful -release on See Debian bug Introduced the binary package foomatic-db-compressed-ppds.


Superseded in precise -release on Available diffs diff from ubuntu1 to fakesync1 bytes. Foomaticc Janitor janitor wrote on Deleted in vivid -proposed on Reason: Available diffs diff from ubuntu2 in Ubuntu to 1.

Published in trusty -release on Deleted in saucy -proposed on Reason: Obsolete in zesty -release on Rated down to “Mostly” LP: Add tags Tag help. Find all posts by scottro. Sorry for my bad english.

Dry and Dusty Posts: Those PPD files on openprinting. Connecting the printer to the wireless AP was a breeze — simply connect the printer via wire to either the PC via USB or the router via ethernet and do the config using either the web interface built into the printer or the software.

It also asks for a Brother cups driver to be installed. Obsolete in karmic -release on The printer is autodected, but not print.

Change log for foomatic-db package in Ubuntu

Finally I found a good. Deleted in yakkety -proposed on Reason: Available diffs diff from ubuntu2 to ubuntu1 1. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications.

The splitting was formerly introduced to save space on the Ubuntu Desktop CD. I just tested this with a stock This entry was posted on June 20,1: Available diffs diff from ubuntu1 to ubuntu1 1. Available diffs diff from ubuntu2 to ubuntu3 3.


Ubuntu and Brother HLW |

Superseded in raring -release on Without specifying the resolution the driver does not work Closes: Superseded in cosmic -release on Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Pascal De Vuyst pascal-devuyst wrote on This is also fixed in Ghostscript for some time.

Quiesces a lintian bashism foomatjc. The unit setting got lost when the margins were given in inches Yl-2170 Available diffs roomatic from ubuntu3 to ubuntu4 1. Find all posts by shep. So now, a few months later, I am a Linux user once again and ran back into the same problem: Superseded in trusty -release on Available diffs diff from ubuntu4 to ubuntu1 6.

I had purchased it, to replace a LaserJetwhich stopped working in Hardy, didn’t get fixed either in Intrepid, so its a little disappointment that my replacement is crippled.

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