Chorus SR V Loudspeaker. 40% Off Entire Amazing-Sounding Focal Chorus V Loudspeaker Series. Surround Yourself With Sonic Brilliance: Focal’s. Mar 10, Focal’s new Chorus V Series speakers replace the S Series models, SR V surrounds ($1,/pair), and the SW V sub ($). Surround Speaker Focal Chorus SR V High-end audio components and hifi audio equipment specification.

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Martinlogan Dynamo X Subwoofer Review.

The lowest frequency point of the ar800v is at 65Hz to give you the most accurate reproduction of subtle bass sound effects. Personally, Focal is in my top 5 of favorite Speaker Brands and definitely my favorite Tweeters of any Conventional Speaker out there. We will let you know when in stock. Come to think of it, I could say the same about great speakers.

Paradigm Prestige 75F Loudspeaker Review. The Focal Chorus CC V comes as a fitting response to provide you with top-notch centre channel speakers. That might have something to do with the speakers’ extraordinarily fine, airy, and delicate treble detail. Truly srr800v impressive series of speakers. Burnside’s blues, I believed his every word.

Focal Chorus 836V with Chorus CC800V and Chorus SR 800V and Chorus SW 800V Speaker System

I was especially intrigued with the story because Jackson’s character was loosely based on R. Music From Big Pink. I agree to the. The frequency range of the ofcal is exquisite, ranging from 40Hz to 28KHz with the lowest point being 33Hz. Focal V – A truly impressive speaker. The wee sub made the towers seem more full-range than they actually are.

If you are a new user Register login. So sure, the Chorus was due for a complete makeover, and the V models boast all-new drivers, crossover networks, cabinets, and, perhaps most striking of all, gorgeous new styling.


For Flcal Easy to position Good detail Sonic demeanour. The speaker set is designed to offer you a diffused sonic field at the rear of the listening position to discretely portray the most subtle sound effects and provide you with an enthralling experience. Wr800v Hz would be a good starting area, I feel.

Focal Chorus | TechRadar

It comes down to authenticity. Adding an extra touch of distinction to the mix, the front baffle cover has a V shape at the top of the moulding hence the V in the model names which helps physically shield the tweeter without covering it, and thereby influencing its sound quality.

Shop on the Go Fhorus the app and get exciting app only srr800v at your fingertips. The V and CC V use 6.

Browse our FAQs or submit your query here. Holiday Sales Were the Strongest in Years. The drivers on the speakers are based on two 14cm Polyglass mid-bass and two 25mm TNV Aluminium Magnesium inverted dome tweeters to provide you with an impressive audio frequency range of 75Hz to 28KHz, encompassing the whole audible sonic frequency range. Dialogue sounded a tad chesty, although I have to admit, I like speakers that err on the rich side of neutral. Burnside, who didn’t just sing the blues, he lived them.

Focal can engineer exactly the right driver for each and every speaker model they make. If you’re not a fan of bipole speakers or just want to save some dough, you can use the V bookshelf speakers as your surrounds. This system tested here is one iteration of the Chorus series, which, like other ranges, is designed on a trickle down principle, using technologies originally designed for the top-of-the-range models in this case Focal’s Utopia Be series.

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Focal’s Chorus V Series sounded very right to me.

Even the largest Focal doesn’t have the ultra-low bass response that we think we would want, but the bass had incredible detail, and not the slightest hint of drone. The speakers’ midrange clarity was also above and beyond what I expect from speakers in the Chorus’ price class. The lowest frequency point of the speakers is 50Hz. JMLab, for the kind of form once that epitomised the best of sophisticated European design and manufacture. Recently I found find similar review about focal chorus Link- http: Focal is a French company, but the new aesthetic is more Gallic than before.

Home Audio Systems 5. The machined-metal, L-shaped piece that supports the tweeter is finished to a high standard, and the cloth grilles’ aggressive V shape adds a dynamic flair.

Focal Chorus CCV The centre channel speaker of a multi-speaker setup is responsible for the delivery of approximately 70 per cent of the sound. The main speakers in the system also feature contrasting flcal side panels.

The frequency range of the speakers range from 57Hz to 28KHz, providing brilliant mid-range and crystal clear treble sounds. No result found for “OK”. Up to the point where Jackson picked up his guitar, he was perfectly fine. The Focal Chorus V consists of three