Do you target design heel point for the static dimensionals? For FMVSS a compliance, the H-point is conducted in vehicle, so the. Heel point is not recorded. FMVSS a Alternative. Dynamic Test. Examine field performance of Volvo. WHIPS seats versus performance in. NHTSA’s dynamic tests.. Functional. ☆4 Re-Active Systems tested. ☆Test Set-up. – Seats positioned according to FMVSS a. – Seats tested on sled. – Peak head-torso rotation measured within.

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Implementation of the new standard will enable vehicle manufacturers to develop safety applications that employ V2V communications as an fmvsss, two of which are estimated to prevent hundreds of thousands of crashes and prevent over one thousand fatalities annually.

Third, we are incorporating an optional alternative compliance process for manufacturers whose helmets do not comply with the proposed dimensional and compression requirements, but do comply with the performance requirements and all other aspects of FMVSS No.

Rear head restraint means, at any rear outboard designated seating positiona rear seat back, or any independently adjustable seat component attached to or adjacent to a seat back, that has a height equal to or greater than mm, in any position of backset and height adjustmentas measured in accordance with S5.

These requirements and the associated test fmvss a regulation would identify those helmets whose physical characteristics indicate that they likely cannot meet the existing performance requirements 022a the standard. Initial compliance is required, in accordance with the phase-in schedule, on September 1, NHTSA is denying this petition primarily because the requested force level reduction may set strength levels below an acceptable level for a dynamic environment.

NHTSA and FMCSA have received requests to extend the comment period for fmvsz proposal that would require vehicles with a fnvss vehicle weight rating of more than 11, The original comment period closed April 28, Measure the maximum posterior angular displacement. In each equipped with rear outboard head restraints, the rear head restraint must conform to either S4. Apply the force vector normal to the torso reference line and maintain it within 2 degrees of a vertical plane parallel to the vehicle longitudinal centerline.

All tests specified 202aa this standard are rehulation with the ambient temperature between 18 degrees C. It will now end on December 10, Where manufacturer options are specified in this section, the manufacturer must select an option by fmvsss time it certifies the vehicle and may not thereafter select a different option for that vehicle.


Petitions for reconsideration of this final rule must be received not fmvss a regulation than August 7, After consideration of the petitions and all supporting rebulation, NHTSA has decided to grant the petitions for four of the discrete changes, deny one, and request comment in a fmvss a regulation document for the sixth proposed change.

The agency is proposing performance requirements that new large buses of these types must meet in a test in which the vehicle is tipped over from an millimeter mm raised platform onto a level ground surface. If an adjustment position does not exist midway between the highest and lowest position, the closest adjustment position above the midpoint is used.

NHTSA is still evaluating the Petitioners’ request to improve side guards and front override guards and will issue a separate decision on those aspects of the petition at a later date.

The effective date of the final rule published on December 14, 81 FRis delayed until June 5, When the head restraint is tested in accordance with S5. Petitions for reconsideration of this final rule must be received not later than August 7, In the absence of a requirement that each vehicle have a glass breaking tool, nothing prevents vehicle manufacturers from providing a tool or other means to allow vehicle evacuation during immersion.

The owner’s manual must clearly identify which seats are equipped with head restraints. Earlier, NHTSA published an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking requesting comment on strategies pertaining to underride protection afforded by single unit trucks.

Position the midpoint of the bottom surface of the cylinder in contact with the head restraint. The effective date of the final rule published on December 14, 81 FRis delayed until September 5, The petitioner claims that the recommended changes to the relevant safety standards would allow vehicle manufacturers to better utilize the regenerator technology to increase vehicle efficiency. More limitations on accuracy are described at the GPO site.

FMVSS 202a

For 202w restraints, the requirements of this section must be met with the top of the head restraint in any height position of adjustment between mm and mm, inclusive. The restraint is positioned midway between the lowest and the highest position of adjustmentand at any position of backset.

NHTSA is planning on issuing two separate notices—an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking pertaining to rear impact guards and other safety strategies for single unit trucks, and a notice of proposed rulemaking focusing on rear impact guards on trailers and semitrailers. This document grants the petition for rulemaking submitted by the Truck Safety Coalition, the Center for Auto Safety, Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, and Road Safe America on February 19,to establish a safety standard to require automatic forward collision avoidance and mitigation systems on certain heavy vehicles.



The axis of fmvvss acceleration-sensing device coincides with the geometric center of the head form and the direction of impact. The surface roughness of the cylinder is less than 1.

The comment period for the RFC 202z originally scheduled to end on March 5, Accordingly, we propose that the compliance date for the amendments in this rulemaking action would be days after the date of publication of the final rule in the Federal Register.

In each vehicle other fvss a school busa head restraint that conforms to either S4. The effective date of this rule is August 24, Remove or rigidly secure the engine, transmission, axles, exhaust, vehicle frame and any other vehicle component necessary to assure that cmvss points on the acceleration vs. The agency believes that requiring V2V communication capability in new light vehicles would facilitate the development and introduction of a number of advanced vehicle safety applications. Restoration of the side marker requirements will have no negative impact on safety or function and will allow motor vehicle manufacturers to avoid unnecessary modifications to their side marker lamps with no added safety or functional benefit.

The following option is only available to head restraints that can move with respect to the seat. WHIPS seats versus performance in. This standard will help to ensure that blind, visually impaired, and other pedestrians are able to fmvse and recognize nearby hybrid and electric vehicles, as required by the PSEA.

Written comments must be received on or before March fmvss, in order to be considered timely. Using any control that primarily moves the entire seat in the fore and aft directions, place the seat midway between the forwardmost and rearmost position. The dummy with all sensors is to continue to meet all specifications in 49 CFR part subpart E.

If mm or more of the cylinder can completely pass through the gapthe gap is not in compliance.

The axis of the acceleration-sensing device coincides with the geometric center of the head form and the direction of impact.