FMC Technologies is a market leader in supplying thermal wellhead systems for heavy oil applications. Technology developed in Canada over the past 25 years . Rated for working pressures to 15, psi, FMC Subsea Drilling Systems offers UWD subsea wellheads for a complete range of shallow and deepwater. FMC offers surface wellheads and trees for WAS with equipment designed with special considerations for minimizing wellhead and tree height and weight for.

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This can potentially damage the actuator. Large piston area permits use of low-pressure air or gas control systems.

Each compound is developed to function in a specific range of temperature, pressure gmc aggressive chemicals environment.

With the help of this catalog and your FMC Energy Systems representative, you can identify precisely what you’ll need for your unique weolhead wherever in the world you’re working, whatever the environment, well characteristics and fluid analyses, and your performance and budget parameters.

It is compatible only with single-string TC-Series tubing hangers and packoffs. Description A diverter landing ring is welded to the drive or conductor pipe. Assembles and tests assemblies according to FMC specifications.

FMC Wellhead Screenshot

The PI seal is rated to 15, wellheax working pressure and was developed for use as a lower casing or tubing spool packoff where long-term reliable sealing in hostile environments is required. The Model has the same features and benefits as the Model plus the following upgrades on: Fullscale field testing of products is also used to provide service reliability data on selected greases. This seal requires the casing stub OD to be field machined after the casing is hung to provide the proper sealing tolerances and surface finish.

This creates up-front wellhdad and reduces abandonment costs. FMC Energy Systems has several bending and torsion test fixtures which are used to simulate the actual service loads on connectors, such as the Speedloc.


Like basic adapters, they are normally installed with the tree. You ask, we listen. This undercut area minimizes scratching or scuffing of the seal surfaces which can occur during drilling operations. InO-C-T introduced a new type of casing head and tubing head that was an immediate tmc. For example, the conventional O-ring seal is very limited in its ability to bridge large extrusion gaps and remain intact without some kind of antiextrusion device.

This system welluead time saving through batch drilling and drilling with reduced rig move time.

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Encyclopedic Documentation The foundation of a quality system wellyead the ability to maintain standards, archive documentation and provide global access to it. We realize that no two budgets, logisti- cal challenges, well conditions and set of risk factors are quite the same. How are the working hours?

Realizing the maximum return on your investment is a function of up-front costs, system performance and system cycle costs — all of which are linked to the quality of both the equipment and the service provided by your wellhead equipment vendor. And if one seal in a wellhead fails, it can blow the budget with lost production and workover time.

The tubing head is the top spool on a wellheac wellhead assembly. They also felt such a system would be easier and safer to wellheas and safer over the life of the wells, and that it would save them rig time during installation.

Consisting of nine distinct but integrated and synergistic operations, FMC Energy Systems is a leader in the design, manufacture and supply of oil and gas exploration, production, measurement, control and transportation technologies.

Not only does this company uphold the highest standards for safety of crew and environment, but it would be operating in welkhead part wellhear the globe that it had not previously explored. Pumps — Prototype and life-cycle testing of pumps using fresh water, saltwater or bentonite. The Model is welhead in 2, 3, and 5, psi working pressures. The casing is easy to access in the event pipe is stuck downhole, a feature that eliminates the need for complex casing cutters.


In addition, some seal designs cannot keep a bubble-tight seal over the wide temperature ranges and large pressure variations encountered. The Model joins our premium gate valve Nonelastomeric stem packing line, surpassing the competition in our tests, qualifying it as the best in ffmc class. As location, depth, pressures, number of completions per well and other factors complicate the scope, hazards and degree of difficulty of a project, FMC Surface Wellhead is there with a solution that optimizes performance and minimizes your total well cost.

Together, our businesses constitute a global leader in the design, manufacture, service and supply of oil exploration, production, measurement and transportation technologies.

FMC TECHNOLOGIES Subsea Wellhead – Subsea Equipment Network

O-C-T had a better idea, along with wellhwad completion wellhead components. With or without monogram NOTE: Metal-to-Metal Seals Our oilfield customers look to metal seals as cost-effective technology for extending service life and improving production efficiency. FMC Energy Systems conducts life predication testing on seals and sealing materials by exposing components to elevated temperature environments containing fluid chemistry consistent with intended service conditions.

The coiled multi-spring assembly provides the added shear force. Jackson, Mississippi – Eaton. In contrast, if one stud fails on a two-piece clamp, failure of the entire clamp could occur. Standard Flanged Single Unihead? The largest fixture has the capacity to apply up to 8 million ft. Pneumatic cylinder and piston are electrolysis nickel gmc for corrosion resistance, reducing repair cost.

The oil company then needs to maximize its use of customer property and to utilize the adequate technology to match its application. With or without monogram A. Hydraulic Rams — Capacity of 2-million-pound pull for simulation of casing string weight, destruction pull testing.