Flatpicking Guitar Essentials Book/CD (String Letter Publishing) (Acoustic Guitar) (Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s Private Lessons) Sheet music – December 1. I’ve become intrigued by the Flatpicking Essentials series, but I can at the history of flatpicking and the importance of solid rythym playing. I’ve seen reference to “Flatpicking Essentials, Vol 1” and was wondering if this is still the start of the series that people would recommend, or if.

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Try to play along with the recording as much as possible. The books are essebtials bit wordy for some but that is part of what I enjoy about it. It is more than just exercises, it gives you an in depth look at the history of flatpicking and the importance of solid rythym playing.

Tim is a phenomenal player and instructor. So the question still stands, is this series still a essenitals standard or is there something that you would put in it’s place? Tlatpicking a video submission style course. Originally Posted by srick. I have been playing for ten years and finally have started to develop the consistency to sound “good” it’s all about the rhythm y’know.


Mostly me, of course! Volume 4 and 5 are fantastic. That is the same route I took. Volume 2 is really excellent too I bought them as a two pack.

When I get it in I may start a thread for those that are working through it to help each other. I will read the words between practices and use the exercises to build on the verbal foundation.

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I did almost all of volume 1 and half of volume 2 then started on Artistworks. Helps you find the groove. I like Dan’s stuff because I find it well written, well produced, durable materials.

Originally Posted by innocent Take your playing to the next level with the help of a local or online sssentials guitar teacher.

I can’t speak for the other volumes, but if they are anything like volume 1, it is well worth the price. You send a video in, about a week later you get a personalized response.

Originally Posted by srick I don’t think you are a hard learner; these basic skills take years to perfect. Want to hide these Google ads?

If you have any specific questions about flapicking of the books, let me know. Those two volumes are gems. I recently purchased volume 1 of the series and IMHO it was very well done. Like most of us, I have boxes of learning material and feel most of it to be mediocre at best. Find all posts by innocent Anyone know anything much about them?


Depends on where you see your playing going. Forum Classifieds Tab All other pages.

Flatpicking Essentials Series – Discussion Forums – Flatpicker Hangout

I really couldn’t make a serious study of one lesson before the next was available, and I couldn’t resist getting it and starting with that material. Flatpicking Essentials vol 1.

From your description you point it to a song and it First, I think you’ll enjoy the essenitals and meeting them, and second, because Dan will have all of these materials as well as other merchandise you may be interested in, possibly at a discount. Luthier Search Hangout Merchandise.

Without knowing what level of player or your area of interest, I can say if you love the style, you’ll likely enjoy the series and their workshops. Walking up or down to a chord, g runs, and then into different styles of rhythm playing. Originally Posted by innocent75 That is the same route I took. Originally Posted by WonderMonkey I’ve ordered this 2 pack, thanks for pointing me to it.