European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers investigates the economic, financial, technical and marketing issues of the European corrugated. This is the world’s most widely used box construction, also known as Fefco Actually this is the standard packaging box. Available in many length, width. Regular RSC boxes, boîtes régulières, boîtes sur mesure, custom boxes, custom printed, boîte carton, feuille de carton, cardboard sheets, boites sur mesure.

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We manufacture boxes from white or brown corrugated cardboard, in board thicknesses ranging from 1. The following methods of closure are possible either singly or in combination: Some folder-type boxes will incorporate locking tabs, handles, display panels and other unique features.

Our design team can add a separate header to a box to turn it into a simple, economy point of sale display. Corrugated cardboard is very stiff at right angles to the corrugation, but bends easily in the other direction. Actually this is the standard packaging box.

Our designers can easily modify this design to include additional locking tabs, handles, and dividers. We offer single or double wall corrugated card, and print directly to the board for a premium finish.

Please click below to download a PDF document containing all of the FEFCO styles and supporting information print friendly version minimises ink use if you would like a hard copy.

FEFCO Standards.

For medium to long production runs of boxes, tooling is not required as we can process this style on our slot cutter, and printing is even done simultaneously which really keep costs down. We use double or single wall thicknesses from 1. This is ideal if the end customer wants to take a look inside the packaging before making a purchase. FEFCO meaning and background. Each supplier employs its own quality requirements, and has its own names for the carton qualities. FEFCO box styles can be manufactured to a simple length, breadth and height l,b,h measurement and to a huge range of designs.


FEFCO Popular presentation style box Add telescopic lid for presentation box or separate header for countertop display Supplied flat, locks and tabs are integrated for self-assembly boxes are a tray style commonly used as a two part box — with a separate lid, which is constructed in the same way, but is slightly larger, enabling it to slide over the base.

We manufacture boxes to fit your products exactly, using board thicknesses which range from 1. We can print directly onto boxes using any of our print methods: We manufacture FEFCO boxes from brown or white corrugated cardboard and in single or double wall board, ranging from 1mm to 7. These may include inside liners, pads or more commonly partitions and dividers.

Regular RSC boxes – FEFCO

The following thickness codes are those most commonly applied to corrugated cardboard: FEFCO codes are an official system to replace long and complicated verbal descriptions of box defco packaging constructions with simple codes that are internationally understood.

Recycled paper Schrenz paper grey Half pulp The paper for the inner or outer sheet usually consists of: We can print directly to boxes, or they can be supplied unprinted.

We can print directly onto the boxes for a premium look and feel, or we can manufacture unprinted FEFCO boxes. One-sided corrugated cardboard consists of a corrugated paper strip glued to a smooth covering layer.

Commonly, our design department choose this style as a base for our premium presentation boxes, with custom inserts and even double sided printing as an option. This group also includes outside sleeves for other cases.


Slide-type boxes are several pieces of liners and sleeves that are facing different directions from one another.

Locking tabs and handles can be incorporated fevco some designs. Incredibly strong and self-locking, they are perfect for use as postal boxes, mailing boxes and even retail boxes for consumer goods.

Flute rollers form the corrugation, adhesive is applied to the corrugated tops and a press roller applies the covering layer.

FEFCO Most popular economical box style for transit Supplied flat with a glued manufacturers joint Require sealing with glue or tape boxes are a great economical style for packing goods both for safe storage and for transit. Generally, we produce these boxes in board thicknesses ranging from 1.

This has multiple benefits — the overlapping results in a stronger box and your contents are less likely to be damaged when the box is opened with a knife. We can make various modifications to these boxes to make them work better for your specific requirements.

Your information will not be shared with any third party. Would you like to find out more about the FEFCO cartons and packaging that could benefit your business? Correct and effective closure of the packages is as important as the packaging construction itself.

Get your free guide highlighting the 17 often overlooked tactics and strategies to reduce your ongoing packaging costs.