European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers investigates the economic, financial, technical and marketing issues of the European corrugated. This is the world’s most widely used box construction, also known as Fefco Actually this is the standard packaging box. Available in many length, width. Regular RSC boxes, boîtes régulières, boîtes sur mesure, custom boxes, custom printed, boîte carton, feuille de carton, cardboard sheets, boites sur mesure.

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Pair this style with a fedco in slightly larger size to get a separate box and lid. Generally, these boxes are produced from brown board and are unprinted — often printed labels are applied to boxes. This not only adds a lot of strength the box, it also looks more pleasing, as there are no exposed corrugations visible.

Slide-type boxes are several pieces of liners and sleeves that are facing different directions from one another.

To find frfco more, please read our privacy policy and cookie policy. They are equipped with the most modern operating techniques. Often we design custom inserts to protect goods whilst in transit and ensure items are well presented when the box is opened at its destination. This style is essentially one piece of corrugated cardboard and are shipped flat for easy storage and transportation. We can manufacture boxes from white or brown corrugated cardboard — and we can print directly to the cardboard.

The box style is another style which can be easily fefck by our design department to make a shelf-ready transit box. One-sided corrugated cardboard consists of a corrugated paper strip glued to a smooth covering layer.

Incredibly strong and self-locking, they are perfect for use as postal boxes, mailing boxes and even retail boxes for consumer goods. Kraft paper from wood chips Test liner from recycled paper Corrugated cardboard is very stiff at right angles to the corrugation, but bends easily in the other direction.


Clever integrated buffers help protect box contents in case the box fefo accidentally dropped on a corner. We manufacture FEFCO boxes from brown or white corrugated cardboard and in single or double wall board, ranging from 1mm to 7.

FEFCO advises that the closure of boxes is just as important as the construction of the box style itself. Your Name required Your Email required Message Please briefly explain your enquiry here, so that we can offer a response tailored to your exact requirements Please leave this field empty.

Corrugated cardboard

FEFCO Popular presentation style box or postal box Similar to but without side flaps Supplied flat, locks and tabs are integrated for self-assembly boxes are often used as mailing boxes, but also as retail packaging and for bulk storage of small and heavy items, due to their strength and the integrated locks.

Dimension are always given in the order length x breadth x height. Check vefco all Fefco codes for box constructions. Depending on what is being packed inside, fecco how many people are feefco, the box style can make packing and assembly easier and quicker. Contact us now for a quote for your custom sized boxes. Yes, I would like to learn more about Fefco We have American folding boxes in stock in both single-wave and double-wave.

These box styles consist of two separate end pieces with a body, which requires stitching or a similar fixing before they are fit for use.

FEFCO codes are an official system to replace long and complicated verbal descriptions of box and packaging constructions with simple codes that are internationally understood.

Aimed at providing expertise and support, FEFCO actively ensures that members are informed about developments that may affect the corrugated packaging industry.

They are shipped flat, ready to use and require closing using the flaps provided, and sealing with glue or tape at the time of assembly. This box style is generally used for packing only, and so they are produced from brown coloured corrugated cardboard and are usually unprinted.


Should your product be pre-packaged, take this into account when defining the final box dimensions. The corrugation is necessary to keep the liners apart. The length is always the longest side of the bottom. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly and repeatedly recyclable as paper and carton.

Call or mail for the current stock box, new and used! Corrugated cardboard is made on the corrugated cardboard machine. Actually this is the standard packaging box. Even as a pallet box.

Regular RSC boxes – FEFCO

We use double or single wall thicknesses from 1. Besides this, GWP Packaging can also enhance your packaging in a number f ways. We offer single or double wall corrugated card, and print directly to the 02001 for a premium finish.

Locking tabs, handles, display panels etc.

FEFCO Three part folder, economical design for bulk quantities Supplied flat Require sealing with glue or tape The box is a very economical style. We can print directly onto boxes using any of our print methods: Please click below to download a PDF document containing all of the FEFCO styles and supporting information print friendly version minimises ink use if you 0021 like a hard copy.

Correct and effective closure of the packages is as important as the packaging construction itself. We often add cardboard locks to boxes to make them more secure and prevent the lid popping open — 02201 ask us when you submit your enquiry — locks often do not add any cost to the design or production of boxes. Contact us now fetco a quote for your custom sized and printed boxes.

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