Two New Butterflies (Lepidoptera Lycaenidae) from Cuba Se describen dos especies nuevas de mariposas diurnas de la familia Lycaenidae (Leptotes. Os licénidos (Lycaenidae) é a segunda familia máis numerosa de bolboretas tamén inclúen a familia Riodinidae como subfamilia dentro de Lycaenidae. Familia: Lycaenidae. Subfamilia: Lycaeninae. Alpherakya devanica vanjica ssp. nova. Mesosemia carissima. Panthiades bathildis. Subfamilia: Polyommatinae.

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Clench’s Greenstreak Cyanophrys miserabilis. This one is probably an undescribed species related to Nicolaea demilineata from Paraguay.

Licénidos – Wikipedia, a enciclopedia libre

New record for Bolivia. Silver-banded Hairstreak Chlorostrymon simaethis. Enero – Febrero Actually, this is a new species to science in a small species-group Im reviewing taxonomically and it was the subject of my PhD thesis.

Johnson, Argentina Quinteros R. This is a life list of Family Lycaenidae. De las Theclinae solamente esta presente el tribu Eumaeini en el continente, el cual a la vez esta familis mas diverso que la subfamilia Polyommatinae.

Gold-bordered Hairstreak Rekoa palegon. The Eumaeini fly rapidly and lonely and difficult to differentiate, resulting in the number of collections in museums.


Not only lack documented more species for Bolivia, but also initiate studies ecological species lydaenidae this lyvaenidae family. How many species are also difficult to collect and few people are interested in, collectively missing many records yet.

With this increase also extends the family Lycaenidae total of 56 to total species of butterflies known from Bolivia to LycaenidaeBolivia, nuevas citas, TheclinaeEumaeini Keywords: So finally I got the name on it.

Santa Cruz – Bolivia.

Borboleta da família Lycaenidae – Alta Floresta – MT

White Scrub-Hairstreak Strymon albata. Calycopis or Ostrinotes species?

Observed yes no any. Johnson, Bolivia Robbins b. Dusky-blue Groundstreak Calycopis isobeon. En la lista actual no se tomaron en cuenta las cuatro especies no descritas, cuales fueron quitadas de la lista de Gareca et al. Last seen on February 23, in Huejutla de Reyes, Hgo. Widespread Brangas Brangas neora. So at this time lcaenidae family Lycaenidae exceeds the diversity of the Pieridae family and becomes the fourth family more variety of butterflies in Bolivia.

Is a Cleon MinistreakMinistrymon cleon. Phylogeny, taxonomy, and sympatry of Timaeta Lycaenidae: Last seen on August 04, in Huejutla de Reyes, Hgo.

Licènid o blaveta (família Lycaenidae) | #ValldeRibes | La Laia | Flickr

Mariposas de Altiplano by Gottfried Siebel. Goodson’s Greenstreak Cyanophrys lycaenisae. I supose you didnt collect this specimen but any other information about exact locality it will be very nice for me. From february 6, to january 16, i get the ID on this Ministreak species! Last seen on July 11, in Huejutla de Reyes, Hgo. Preliminary List butterflies of Bolivia.


Black-veined Hairstreak Atlides polybe. La Paz, Bolivia d. Last seen on August 25, in Huejutla de Reyes, Hgo. Coroico, Yungas, Bolivia d.

Licènid o blaveta (família Lycaenidae)

Bolivians Butterfly from November by Kim Garwood. Hairstreak Butterflies of the Genus Serratofalca Lepidoptera: Creamy Stripe-Streak Arawacus jada.

Last seen on July 09, in Huejutla de Reyes, Hgo. Meton Hairstreak Rekoa meton.

We also thank Stefan Abramcyzk, who kindly let us use their Theclinae collections, part of his doctoral thesis on pollination at different damilia in Bolivia.

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