This site is dedicated primarily to exploring the history of the iconic Fairbairn- Sykes Fighting Knife (commonly known as the British Commando knife), the many. Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife shown developed by the author and gun Deadliest Karate Moves – , ECQ knife , Fairbairn Manual of. What is believed to be the very first ‘manual’ of techniques by Fairbairn was This provided fertile ground for Fairbairn ‘and’ Sykes to share their knowledge.

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Fairbairn has been given full or partial credit for the design of several other fighting knives, including the smatchet. Large numbers of Fairbairn Sykes knives of varying types, including some with wooden grips, were used by the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division that landed on Juno Beach on “D” Day and by the men of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion who jumped and fought on the same day.

Pay attention to the knife.

Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife & Fairbairn All-In Fighting… | Flickr

In we see published what is in my opinion the most significant book in respect to the collector of the Wykes Fighting Knife. You are making your way in the dark through the ENemy’s Lines maanual are liable to be attacked from all sides.

Colonel Rex Applegate is widely regarded as the father of modern close combat and combat shooting, and this book is considered the standard by which all other books on the subject are judged.

Naturally, the speed at which loss of consciousness or death takes place will depend upon the size of the artery cut.

Do not “protect” wounds. Our answer to that is: The student duly qualified in the first three subjects and during a “break” period, I learned something of his “back-ground” Professional All-in Wrestler. The knife was designed to allow a trained commando to strike accurately at an opponent’s vital organs, driving deep to do fatal damage.

It was never titled, nor was it ever completed. One of the interesting aspects fairbain All-In Fighting that makes it such essential reading for anyone studying the F-S knife or indeed any Commando-related topic is the use of weapons throughout the book.


The remainder including the Instructor, must be at least 20 yards in the rear. First pattern knives have a 6. He wielded it with a flashing, slashing vigor that invariably proved fatal to an opponent.

The use of the Enfield rifle has its own section and also the Luger makes an appearance for the Axis side. In fact, the situations are astronomical in number. Fly leaf The Author has been an ardent student of Self Defense in all of its branches for a great number of years. It was so admired that the US military created several other fighting knives based on it. All Fairbairn-Sykes knives are issued with a leather boot sheath with a metal tip and an elastic loop to hold the handle down.

The Source by Peter Robins. Whip the forearm out towards the right, to the full extentent of the arm. Covers the original wartime knives and their commercial copies.

Today in WW II: Any exercise that tends to lend strength and agility to the Latissimus Dorsi, Fascia Infraspinata, Infraspinatus, Teres Minor, Teres Major, and Serratus Anterior muscles of the back and arm is to de desired as it is these muscles which serve the fighter fighter best in the darting thrust and slash attacks.

On several of these encounters as many as twenty Policemen and criminals were fighting from room to room, etc. NOTE – Even although you put all your strength into your grip and carry out your the RIGHT “whip” with the utmost speed, you will not strain the tendons of vairbairn wrist syoes arm.

This material is first posted 2 February This permits you to carry out a “follow-through” motion of your arm. This page was last edited on 28 Novemberat It is for the above reasons, among others, that we state there is no means by which an unarmed man can defend against a knife fighter.

We contend that at such a time, it would be a very comfortable feeling to know that one had a well balanced fighting knife handy. The Fairbairn-Sykes was produced in several patterns. It was thin enough to slip between the ribs, was sharpened on both edges to slice in any direction. This document was written by his father in At first glance it appears identical, but a closer look reveals a number of differences: It is essential that the blade have a sharp stabbing point and good cutting edges, because an artery torn through as against a clean cut tends to contract and stop the bleeding.


Bring the left foot forward directly back of the right and make an instantaneous forward lunge – by stepping off with the right foot, accompanied by a gliding thrust forward with your forearm.

To meet the many requests, I designed the “FAIRBAIRN” knife and managed to persuade the Wilkinson Sword Company to manufacture it privately from a number of old bayonets they had in stock, personally guaranteeing the sale of three hundred. See also the biography of Col. Fairbaurn 2 knives have the two inch wide straight afirbairn guard, diamond knurled pattern grip, rounded ball end and may be stamped “ENGLAND” on the handle side of the cross piece.

Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife (Commando Knife)

Appear to be 2nd pattern from straight cross guard and ball end. Use this Google web search faibairn to get an up to date report of what’s out there. This is a precautionary measure during dairbairn initial training of a recruit, in case he should loose his grip of the knife. Early production runs were extremely limited and demand was high, with many British troops attempting to buy their own. Material that I have added is so identified.

In open country Warning – For obvious reasons, only one student should be exercised at a time. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.