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Resistance between pin 1 and a ground is BTW HF, this is a not a ti Once we figure out which output is supplying the Vddr and Vgpu, we can try modding the inverting inpout pin each output pin. Well, nothing else to do but give her a try then. Datasheer me a resistance reading for pin 4 and lets see if we can change the Vddr by modding this RT IC.

Do a resistance between 13 and GND and post what you find. Datasheeg enough I found a connection between the ricktek chip and the cap measuring 2. Keep a good eye on the voltage as you adjust the VR.

IRF7413 Datasheet PDF

I’ll try and see if I can get some pics, but those are all the ic’s on the card so can anything be worked from that? I’m almost sure that the 2. Sounds like the vdd voltage right there. I dont recall what the baseline Vddr is for the cards. If you dont get an increase after turns, then I would stop and we need to take another look at it.


Data Sheet Catalog: Begin marking SMD with F

I would start with a 5kk VR just to be safe. My pop has the camera so I can’t take any at least not tonight. Pin 13 is the inverting input for output pin The card is a pro I just got back from rma and it doesn’t look anything like the one I had, layout wise at least. Anyone make sense of that one?

I wanna try and find some volt mods for it. Then do the connectivity test between those points and pins 1, 7, 8, and Those are all the ICs on the board.

F Datasheet catalog

I feel for ya tho: Got some pics now. Ok, pin 5 is the actual output for the RT ICs. There is nothing else really.

We need to make sure its Vddr and not Vddq. Odd pcb layout vmods.

That sounds a bit low for Vddr, thats probably vddq. Well I looked over the datasheet and which pin do you think is likely to be it?


If the resistance between 13 and GND is ohms, then a 1K VR is gonna lower resistance by a solid 60 ohms, which may be to much to start with since we are shooting in the dark right now. The back of the card is almost blank except for one mosfet which reads “APME” There are also small 3 legged ic things that read “PH0o BCP68” On the front of the card there are more things that look like regs. The LM chip is prob controlling either Vgpu or Vddr.

If possible, please check the voltage on 14 and post that. Just odd the 13 is tied directly to that cap. I found connectivity between pins 13 and a cap on the back of the card that reads 2.

If Output Pin 1 is supplying Vddr, then we try modding to pin 2. Those are the outputs.

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