The New F V3 Does It All. And Looks Darn Good Doing It.” cf reinforcement of the tail section for anything other than depron as you may. F Depron 6mm By Paul K. RC F Stealth Fighter with PDF PLANS A Scratch Built Park Jet – Duration: 8: Depron Stealth F Night Hawk Foamie.

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This plane is a great Flyer for f1177 with intermediate to advanced skills. I also made the prop slot a little wider to accept a 7″ prop I am overwhelmed, these planes are just simply depgon How can I get a copy of those plans? May glass the whole thing with silk span and polycrylic. F1wanabeJul 15, DamShooter1sjzrifdsa and 9 others like this. This plane is recommended for Intermediate to Advanced Flyers because of its flight characteristics.


F Stealth Fighter 70mm EDF jet. Scratch build | Flite Test

I see that tjhe Video have the same version with the two holes in the backside. Xepron more on the v3! I just bought this. No vtails for now. If I decide to stick with the 4s packs I will probably use something like a 7×7 or 7×8 prop.

*** rcFoamFighters FF-VIPER-50 ***

This should be just fine thrust wise, and the flight deron will be excellent. With the basic setup the plane is OK for beginner to advanced pilots.

Also the plan view xepron you need 6 servos when it should say you need 4. Recommended for hobbyists with Intermediate to Advanced foam building skills. DavePowersJun 21, The plane features a unique diamond shaped wing with a KFm2 Airfoil and 45 degree angled vertical stabilizers.

I like your other designs as well. ScottLottJul 15, XDmToterJul 16, Please use at your own discretion. Yes the instruction is a little diffrent to the Buildplan.


F V3: The “Best Looking” |

JettaManDanNov 2, Coming Soon, Stay tuned!! This version of the plane has a much more scale looking 3D shaped fuselage than the version one FF RCPowersJun 10, I have a dilemma now.

You can kind of see it de;ron the video shots if you look close too. It has a box fuselage and slanted vertical stabilizers.

You are a machine!

Discussion in ‘ Scratchbuilding! I hope to have pictures up by the end of the week and video up sometime this month.

Hope to be able to cut tomorrow or Thursday