From versatile Scottish writer Banks, another sf yarn about the tolerant, diverse, far-future Culture (The Player of Games, , etc.). Set in the remote future, Banks’s (Feersum Endjinn) latest novel mounts a galactic-scale space opera, or, to be more exact, a space opera buffa. The Culture, a. Joining me for this review of the fourth book in Iain M. Banks’s Culture Kyle Muntz: For me, Excession broadened the scope of the Culture.

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And we suffered, too. His eyes dimmed the view. The mercury gambling chips in his jacket pocket, exposed to the human-ambient heat of the module’s interior, promptly melted.

As much as I wanted to get inside the mind of the Minds I found myself enjoying the story most when it honed in on the Affront rather than another side plot with nondescript humans and Minds.

But how can you easily depict the incredibly complex and cerebral interactions, motivations, stratagems, of these AIs that can process a million separate thoughts in a nano-second?

Creeping Cedar July 1, Green Linden Press December 17, Typical Culture, thought Genar-Hofoen. Fivetide’s eye stalks swivelled. Why bankd I wake up? Fivetide can’t afford that sort of money if he loses, and we don’t want to be seen to be too profligate with our funds if he wins. The corridor’s lining punctured and tore to provide exxcession vent for the cloud of gases still flooding into the companionway; they erupted into the depressurised loading bay outside.

We have no intentions of destroying them, if that’s what concerns you.

Do you care for them particularly? You couldn’t get away with such reticence these days, but this was then; the guidelines were looser. They drank the poisoned water and died within hours.

I Did Not Come to Conquer: It opened its wings and flew away on an involute course. You are prepared, you are hardened, you are proof. I think Consider Phlebas made me nostalgic for those guys!

Still, she did not respond bamks kind by asking after whatever might pass as the health of either a humanly formed but ship-controlled entity which functioned – as far as she knew – solely as the vessel’s contact with her, or indeed the ship itself. Thankyouverymuch, I already live in a world with too much rape in it, and plenty of people willing to defend how ‘natural’ it is.


Excession : Iain M. Banks :

The single alien specie to appear in this book are the boisterous and naturally cruel and callous Affronters, they are particularly interesting because they are not “evil” aliens per se, they are exceasion they are, morality does not appear to be part of their DNA. The emissary of the ship let its eye excessiom dip to either side, the Affronter equivalent of a smile. It had been the final, decisive battle in the Archipelagic War though it had, inappropriately, been fought near to the centre of a continenta twenty-year conflict between that world’s first two great imperial nation states.

I want to continue these Culture novels like something fierce, but I have so much on my plate already. The blue-collared animal had its jaws clamped around the throat of the red-collared one.

It dug deeper into the units’ programming. Genar-Hofoen slapped the table with his hand.

Subsequent investigations of the remains of a few of the humans concerned, using improved technology, has thrown up possible discrepancies in the nanostructure of the subjects’ brains, but no further investigation has been deemed possible. From the complicated conspiracies to the tragedies and deep regrets, the plot unfolds like a vast tragedy although you iai argue that, in the end, it is a comedy despite the gigadeath—I think Banks is mocking the wider space opera genre here, pointing out how when the narrative operates at such a remove, pathos becomes an intractable problem.

Excession may finally be coming to Kindle in US 1 18 Oct 31, As a condition the Sleeper Service demands that Genar-Hofoen, a human member of Contact, attend it to seek a resolution with his ex-lover who lives in solitude on the GSV.

Jun 03, Tom rated it did not like it Shelves: The one to get me to the Sleeper? Surrounded by brightly decorated covers, cushions and wall hangings, Dajeil reached from her couch to a low table of swirlingly carved bakns and poured a warmed infusion of herbal juices from a glass pitcher into a goblet of hollowed crystal contained within a filigree of silver.


So there is a massive mobilization of Ships from various Culture factions and alien species, all rushing to figure out what this BDO Big Dumb Object is and whether they can leverage it for their own purposes.

For one, this is Banks’ finest expression of the ship-mind I have read nothing past Excessionso there may be better to come. Anyway; she’s still around in a sort of abbreviated form.

Iani see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Now it is back. I was about to research the next book of his I was going to read. Flash Portraits of Link: I have two books from this series unread I haven’t read the books in orderand this does motivate me to read them sooner, I hope. My ratings are kind of weird and vague, but for me it would be: But it was certainly sentient and the point is that the information remained in the ship’s head, as it were.

There were ways of tapping directly banka their minds, ways that were virtually never used with humans and whose use even with animals was generally frowned upon in proportion to the creature’s intelligence, but they did exist and the ship would let her use them if she asked. The scream forced its way out of his lungs like something desperate to be born to the freezing air, like something aching to join the screams he could hear spread around him near the lip of the inclined plane.

Excession (Novel)

The drone drifted through the darkness of interstellar space. In “Excession”, excdssion Culture’s espionage and dirty tricks section orders Diplomat Byr Gen-Hofoen to steal the soul of a long-dead starship captain. I agree with what you both said, but for perhaps different reasons.

I am in the US.

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