10th Edition Examkrackers MCAT Complete Study Package · Jonathan Orsay Examkrackers MCAT Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning. David Orsay. COUPON: Rent Examkrackers Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning 2nd edition () and save up to 80% on textbook rentals and 90% on. MCAT: Medical College Admission Test: Examkrackers passages in Medical David Orsay. Other Authors. Examkrackers, Inc. Edition. 2nd ed. Published.

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I was curious if there was anyone else using these? I took the first one last night at a busy starbucks to begin to aclimate myself passagds the “be prepared for anything” test climate and I got rocked. I scored a 5!! Its okay though because I knew verbal was going to be the hardest. Pasxages was curious if anyone else using these tests could post their scores and or advice I know there was a thread a while back, but that was for the April exam and I’m in need of encouragment and advice from the august takers.

Examkrackers Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning : David Orsay :

Hey guys, I got a 13 on verbal on the real deal. I was scoring very low when I first started around 6.

I personally did not find the EK verbal questions useful. I stopped after about paassages tests because The answers did not make sense, and it was very unlikely such a question would be on the real MCAT.

I would recommend sticking with AAMC practice questions for verbal. Remember, you can take your time on verbal passages. The questions go by much quicker if you know the passages well.

Next, I logged every wrong question I got. I copied and pasted the question on word and analyzed them. For example, what did the question really mean when it said “evidence. Like this, Vrrbal started noticing patterns after a few tests, and they were corrected. The only questions I got wrong after that were edjtion those ones that come up rarely that you cant really prepare for.

If you use this strategy in EK books and then move over vegbal AAMC tests, you will probably get confused by conflicting results because the tests are not that similar. Wish you all much luck! It’s funny, I see a lot of people giving passsges like this that obviously are good at verbal. Maybe EK is good reading I took the first EK verbal exam and got a I can only hope that the MCAT is actually much more logic based than nonsense.

My favorite is when on one answer they get so nitpicky on one question regarding the phrasing of the question or the answers choices, but then are totally oblivious to aspects in other answers that they don’t even mention which, at least in my mind, make other answers “more correct”.

The content of the 2nd edition is exactly the same as the first. Just do 7 passages at a time roughly 40 questions out of the 1st edition book and you will be getting the 2nd edition experience. Or a couple of passages at a time? How exactly do you work through this book?


So did anyone take EK 12 and 13? Let me give you an example of the answer choice A. Criticism while avoiding alienation, avoidance of conflict. Criticism, carefully criticism while avoiding alienation. WTF they are so close how do you pick between them. Oh and I hate their passage about chinese stuff. Here is another good answer: Why would the parasite want lethal technology? Do a test at a time at a single sitting.

This builds your stamina, and splitting the passages won’t help you as much. EK 10 score was not something nice to see.

I do plan on reading a couple kaplan passages just to stay in tune with reading difficult passages. I think the EK and kaplan verbal exams are good indicators and the kaplan should be used just for the practice of reading more difficult academic level essays and the EK for question format. I know PS is before verbal. My EK scores are getting frustrating to the point I feel like tearing up my stuffed animals.

Examkrackers 101 Verbal

YES, I have stuffed animals, someone important gave them to me, what of it? Had I gotten those right, I would have scored an 11! Great morale booster after feeling like a failure after 1. I did heavy analysis before starting 2 too, so I think that helped. Maybe I can get an 11 on the real thing Jan. Finally mustered up the passaves to try the first test In any passsages, I’ve noticed that very few people on this thread have efition stuck on or plateaued at the score that they got on their 1st EK test.

I’ve flipped through some other passages in the book and they definitely seem a lot easier, so maybe the first test is intentionally harder than the others which berbal smart test-prep company would try to do. Did anyone else notice this? Or am I just making up excuses. Do you all review the practices as thoroughly as the verbal examkrackkers recommends? I’m not sure if going through all the stems and answer choices makes much sense time-wise.

The main idea concept doesn’t seem too bad an idea though. In any case, my scores thus far: I started the series last week. I’m reviewing passage in that manner due to time issues. I made my own by using similar percentages based on the 2nd Ed Score Chart.

I’ve also search this site for it. This is a editioon. But the thing is I actually find EK to be not that obscure in terms of its answer choices. So far I’ve done EK teststhe only passage I was like perplexed involved the passage about three dimensions of time x,y,z, and t.

I’d recommend EK and Kaplan verbal tests to anyone still struggling to improve scores.

Kaplan helps with getting to understand difficult material and EK helps with the tricky questions Anyone has their EK book near them?

  DIN EN 378-1 PDF

Back of the book says, the answer is choice D to question number 11 of the sample passage. That info is no where in the passage about oyester shells?? Is this outside info sort of which we don’t need to know this kind of ‘outside’ info on real MCAT???? I hear your pain man, Verbal is the tool of the devil.

I usually try to review my verbal tests within 1 hour after I take them. When I’m reading through the explanations, I usually pay attention to why the right answer is right which I don’t always agree with, but whatever and if I was oscillating between two answers, why the wrong answer was wrong.

I found that its the easy reads that are the most tricky! Sometimes I feel like I’m rushing through the passages. I just finished EK6 a few minutes ago and finished it in 49 minutes. I’m hoping if I can slow myself down a little bit, I may be able to pick up a few more correct answers here and there. I just took 1 and got a I went rather slow and deliberatly through the first half when I looked at the time and realized I only had 30 minutes left for as many questions.

I rushed through the rest, going back as little as possible and not taking the time to construct a main idea. I missed 4 from the first half and 10 from the second. I guess I need to work on going faster through the first half without sacrificing my answering technique. Should I save some tests for practice right before the exam? If so, how many would you recommend I save and how many days prior should I take them?

Did anyone do exam 13? I won’t spoil too much about it since most people are probably not up to this exam yet. Any thoughts for those who did it? I would have had a 12 on the 4th test, but I went over the time limit by 2 minutes I got an 8 the first time I took the MCAT, but I used the Kaplan mapping strategy and always ran out of time, I also barely reviewed any verbal outside of timed CBTs, so I’m hoping that my score really can improve to an 11 this time around I’m just worried because the EK4 seemed easy relative to the other three I guess I’m not talking about the passages, but the questions: The stems are ok, but the answer choices AAMC likes to go: Opposite main idea C.

Not logical but in passage D. Nonsensical often they do this but sometimes a variation EK likes to go: Correct reworded to not sound like main idea B.