Eurail Traveler’s Guide – Rail Read more about eurail, valid, railway, Eurail Traveler’s Guide – English · eurail. Eurail and Train Travel Guide to Europe. Eurail Traveler’s Guide – English · Eurail Traveler’s Guide – English. Europe by Rail: The Definitive Guide for Independent Travellers. For example, in my first “rail trip” to Europe in , I visited five countries . all the main train routes in all Europe, a Eurail Pass Timetable, and a Eurail Guide.

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We want to be fully transparent that this post may contain affiliate links. Don’t be afraid to buy a combination of two or more passes. There’s no fee if you use the regular hourly InterCity trains on the classic route via Roosendaal, although these take just over 3 hours rather than 2 hours. How to use a Eurail pass – how Eurail passes work. A small supplement must be paid on all domestic express trains, but not on purely local trains. Find the train eursil want in ekrail search results and click on the fares from Regional Pass The Regional Pass lets you select any two bordering countries.

You print your own reservation.

Eurorail and Eurail pass tips and tricks podcast

Simply use the alternative Belgian InterCity trains for free instead! Special reduced fare charged if your Eurail covers just Germany or just Poland. As with Italiarail the reservation is ticketless, you just quote the booking reference number on board the train.

Click In English at the bottom of the page, then scroll back up and click Train ticket to Europe. There are some significant changes planned forso come back here in January for an update. The different types of Eurail pass are explained here. Online, Oebb makes it perfectly clear with bold type: Passes are not valid on the Moscow-Paris Express at all.

How to Save Money Traveling Europe by Train | Eurail Blog

Thalys passholder places are controlled by a quota which can sell out even if the train isn’t full, so book sooner rather than later or use the ICE instead. The pass must cover France, or Spain, or both.


To Brussels by Thalys high-speed train from Cologne: Bonus travflers might save you some money. To Prague by Regiojet train from Vienna www. Nightjet sleeper train from Zurich or Basel to Berlin or Hamburg per person: You’ll need to pay a supplement and make a reservation for a sleeper or couchette on overnight trains, in all countries.

If you’re a UK citizen travelling in Europe, you should apply for a free European Health Insurance Card, which entitles you to free or reduced rate health care if you become ill or get injured in many Erail countries, under a reciprocal arrangement with the NHS. Guiee here to see current prices on Select Passes. Out of your monthly salary, which is probably paid by direct deposit, automatically direct some money into your sinking fund or savings account.

To Paris by TGV: Passes now good for Regiojet www. Just bite the bullet and pay the fee! Great post, thank you. You can buy Eurail passes giving unlimited train travel for various periods of time. Email me news and updates. Second, start looking at the length of your trip and all the places you want to visit. Be warned, I’ve come across a few cases where it was cheaper to buy a cheap advance-purchase point-to-point ticket online direct from the train operator as if no pass giide held and print out your own ticket, than to pay an overseas agency for the passholder reservation charge plus their booking fee plus postage!

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But if you want to stay flexible and are under 28 years olda pass can save money over full-flex on-the-day prices. Continuous passes give unlimited travel every day for a continuous period of so many days: More than 7 billion passengers have traveled around Europe annually since If you do the maths right it can work out in your favour.

Eudail, the Renfe Spain Pass is usually travelere value than the Eurail Spain pass as reservations are included, there are no hidden extra reservation costs as with Eurail. Comfort, relaxation, a chance to chill out And as virtually no Swiss train requires a supplement tarvelers reservation, a railpass still gives you that wonderful hop on, hop off convenience that railpasses traveoers lost in Tgavelers, Spain or Italy where every long-distance train now requires a reservation.


Show More Travel Stories. Unlimited travel means unlimited – you can use 1 train or 20 trains a day, going 10 miles or miles, it doesn’t matter. A Eurail pass is guidw best thing in the world for people travelling in western and northern Europe, specifically Switzerland, Germany and Scandinavia. Europe by train introduction. It is definitely worth buying if you’re planning an extensive tour with a Eurail pass – having your own comprehensive timetable puts you in control of your own trip, and will save you hours in queues for station information desks or struggling with station timetables which show only the most basic information.

Arlanda Express airport rail link. Then, after exploring for a few hours, head back to Paris and enjoy the rest of the evening there. Finding which site to use for which journey is the major obstacle between newbie train travellers and the cheapest tdavelers – but don’t worry, I’ve written a handy guide You can buy a Eurail pass covering 1, 2, 3, 4 or all 26 participating countries.

My view is that this is more of a general travel book, and subpar to the competition.

If it’s anything similar, be prepared to be getting in and out of the train several times as part of the great customs and border security circus. If you can provide more accurate information, please email me. Yes, you select Pass InterRail even if you have a Eurail pass, as seat reservations are exactly the same for either type of pass. Get to Know Us. Back to top Netherlands Eurail passes give unlimited travel on Or buy from the official Eurail site, www.

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