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I know that the temptations,—youth and freshness on one side; influence, society, position, money, on the other,—are great indeed; but for all that, it is a something against which that same society ought to turn; and lobe that God Himself frowns down; for never a marriage among them all produced other fruits than discontent, jealousy, madness and despair.

Nistory are entering the dark realm of the slumbering ages. Poor wretches who disgrace the forms they bear by speaking of woman as if she were nothing but a target for filthy tongues tje hurl their venom at; or, at best, as destined victims to their own abominable lubricity; mere extinguishers of the bale-fires rioting in their own veins,—the venomous fever-passions of their own gross natures, and far more ignoble than those of the four-footed dogs that run our streets.

But as the material form was indestructible, and lives forever in that land of blossom and of flowers, so that spiritual and ideal emanation shall, through all coming time, live in the minds of men, and never cease to be born anew, for Eulis’ nature is infinite and eternal! Keep up this all the time of gestation if possible, and the operation of the law just revealed will convince you and the world that nothing equal to it ever fell from human lips or pen. Martin Bott Bookdealers Ltd Published: Being in the form of a bracelet to the arm, it might possibly divert the attention of the men from the reputed original; it might be dropped and resumed without confusion; and the only objection I can see to the use of such an ornament is the hazard of mistake from the double meaning of the term perisceliswhich signifies not only a garterbut breecheswhich our English ladies never wear.

The dust of a million years has gathered here, and no voice has awakened its echoes since the days when the Indian Bacchus consorted with the daughters of men. But I feel quite as much indignant contempt for that large class of women who are ever ready to use their beauty as a trap to catch male gudgeons; who look on all men as fair game, to be lied to, and played on, generally to the tune of rustling silks, and crisp bank notes; and whose utter heartlessness belies the index of their sex.

In the normal, proper nuptive union, a term I invent expressive of the most sacred and intimate fact of marriage, there is a certain amount of the male vital life in fluid form semen voided; exactly the same by actual weight or volume may be wasted in a lascivious dream,—a spontaneous ejection of superfluous vital force in the same form; 3d, the same may be lost by the abominable conjugal fraud; or by the heinous sin against one’s self—solitary vice.

If it were possible for two people, one sixty, the other sixteen, to fully and mutually love each other, then the girl would help the man, and the man increase the girl’s recuperative power. Love being much more than a mere sentiment between the sexes, it is plain that neither its ground-work, nature, or cryptic meaning, has hitherto in any land been thoroughly understood.

Thus certain foods or drinks generate an excess of caloric in the nervous ganglia of the reproductive system; a spark—spontaneous combustion—leaps thence to the brain, the soul catches fire, and hurls its masses of lurid flame through the cerebrum, cerebellum, spinal cord, ovaria, prostate gland, testes or vagina—and—draw the curtain o’er the dreadful scene! Well, she has passed the rubicon, and they twain lengthen out their honeymoon for about a year; at the end of which time it is an old and flavorless story, and discontent comes in, because each feels the need of a little change.


EULIS! The History of Love by Paschal Beverly Randolph

BookDB marked it as to-read Aug 27, True, there are among the lower types and forms of organic life, a few seeming exceptions, as the so-called hermaphrodites; but, in reality, such are apparent only; for examination in the light of modern science proves all such organisms to be a union of the two principles in a single body, and not a fusion, by any means; and that the male side fecundates the other. Who of them all has given us the rationale of the orgasm—the why and wherefore, or the cause of its being a thing of apparently no moment whatever at certain times, and under circumstances: I began to study the meaning of a kiss.

But there she lay, poor child, upon the long work-table of good Simon Scott, the carpenter, all pale and delicate as finest Parian marble or wax-work, and beautiful!

We are all accidents!

In beasts the offspring and parents become disunited at maturity; in the human, the practical relationship lasts not only to the gates of the grave, but leaps the barriers of death, and flourishes in the far-off heaven; and will till the universe grows old, and Time himself topples with hoary age.

It so happened that he was one of a jury of inquest over the dead body of poor Maria Lee, a child of sixteen summers, whom a rich merchant of Loudon had betrayed, and then procured a double murder at the hands of an abortionist. Not one of the very many respectable people, including fifty Olve, a score of English, about as many Americans, and a few German authors, who have stained reams of good white paper, and spilled gallons of ink in writing anent the sublime subject of sex, have taken the trouble to go one inch below the surface; but have been content to copy each other, and repeat the same old worn-out story,—else concealed a few good ideas in hisyory of words.

I went out and found my soul-harried and victimized friend.

In the first case, to use a meaning metaphor, the first couple only met each other upstairsin the garret; they only fused in the brain. It is through such only that great truths reach the world, and that world takes exquisite pleasure in crucifying all such; and yet they will arise, proclaim their mission, deliver their message, establish new truths, and then march straight to Calvary or Patmos! Three weeks’ experience with a mistress will cure almost any man of that sort of weakness, if he have not, by that time, buried his wife’s love in a grave ten thousand resurrectionless fathoms deep!

Refresh and try again. Jack Storey marked it as to-read Nov 12, I trust, before this task of mine is finished, to demonstrate it to be in very truth what it claims,—a new revelation of sex, and to make one successful effort to remove the subject far above the muck, slime and filth hitherto attendant upon it; for if there is a divine thing on earth, it ought to be Love—its laws, rules, phases and moods,—knowledge of which is a redeeming power.

Eulis! the History of Love

They reduced the laws of nature to form a creed, and they hiztory a golden calf of some special physical force, and fell down to worship it. Justin added it Oct 28, We will behold in our mind’s eye a succession of kingdoms, like the succession of seasons, a rise and fall of dynasties, like the sowing and historg of grain.


In marriage and its offices there must be a reciprocal play of electric and magnetic forces; for unless mutual, there’s disaster just ahead, and sunken rocks all around, upon which that ship of wedlock is sure, sooner or later, to run aground; and in the wreck that follows some one is sure to be lost—and that some one is a young wife, tired of an old, besotted, worn-out man! The hidtory which I gave to the world, that world paid me for, as it always has paid for benefits. Kessinger Publishing, LLC, Justice is sure to be done me by and by.

Eulis! the History Of Love by Randolph, Paschal Beverly

The History of Love. The Lingam, Linga or Lingum male organ-worshipis but the reverse of the discal or oval worship. Who euils them has told, or can tell, why the nuptium fairly laps the very soul itself, of each participant, too, in the tenderest, softest, truly human, because strictly humanjoy at one time; yet at another gives naught but cruel pain; else is but a nervous spasm, unsatisfactory to one party, and injurious to both; and yet the same people in both instances? Presently you will see whether the vision was a lesson or a fact; and whether jealousy is, and is not, sometimes based on solid ground, sometimes empty air.

But that’s not the worst of it yet; for the offspring of January is sure to be nearly as calcareous as its father. It is just as earnest, honest, and deceptive, as the other, but is far more endurable, because there is a better cohesion between them than in the other case; their lives are evener, their marriage satisfactory; their offspring more adapted to life on earth, and in society; their own physical health and that of their children is better; and their union will last longer and produce generally better results, albeit said union is quite as far from being right and proper as anything can well be.

Unless love historg passion, marriage rites are never right; that’s all!

Eulis! the History of Love/Part 1: Affectional Alchemy

I know it, have seen it thw, and am confident that she who persistently tries cannot by any possibility fail! The evidence was conflicting. It looks, feels, is an oddity; knows no infantile days or pleasures, and is thus, by its own father, robbed and cheated out of its best and most halcyon days. Perchance what you see is, after all, but a fevered dream, begotten histoy your depressed nervous state, morbidity of fancy and loneliness, combined with the suspicions kindled by the strange questions asked upon the eve of her departure many days ago, and greatly strengthened by unwisely worded letters sent back by her; and made still stronger by her six weeks’ utter silence—in itself good cause for suspicion, for every husband has a right to know his wife’s whereabouts, her surroundings and the company she keep; and if she does not keep him thus informed, he has fair and just grounds to infer that her actions are such as ought to be hidden from his gaze, and also from that of humanity at large.

Having put this on record, I now drop all that matter,—both the falsehoods and the falsifiers, forever and forevermore, as being beneath either notice or contempt. One thing is certain: What makes Biblio different? I shall allude to other colors in another section.

When, further on in this New Revelation, I shall analyze the matter, hundreds who read it will see the real point, and, probably, make no effort to better their sad condition.

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