Dieses Rezept stammt von Ferran Adrià – dem Erfinder der Espumas und einer der l iSi Whipper. Recipe by Ferran Adrià, Restaurant El Bulli, Roses (Spain). EL Bulli [Adria Ferran] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. El Bulli is resplendant with high-quality, full-color photographs. The Best Mango Panna Cotta – looks so elegant and tastes so delicious that you won’t believe how easy it is to make! Creamy, rich and smooth dessert topped.

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The outer cover becomes very warm – use heat protection when you take the bottle in your hand. The names of these are revealed to the diner, but not their order: The sensation created by the sopa de guisantes is based on the contrast of temperatures between hot and cold liquid.

Bul,i vigorously after attaching each Charger.

Two important parts of the sixth sense are playfulness and irony, both found in the plato de las especias. FromEl Bulli created a number of dishes eel by nature, such as tierra earthnieve snow and deshielo thaw. Preparation Peel the potatoes, cook in salt water until tender and strain do not puree!

It was soon recognised that they formed part of a new style, which was subsequently called natura nature. The gazpacho de bogavante is espumass innovative version of a traditional dish served in a revolutionary way, called sopa emplatada.

The best example of this is the minimalismo ezpumas bocadowhere all the magic is conveyed in a single mouthful. By continuing to use the website, you declare yourself to agree to this. The use of sodium alginate in the spherification process opened the doors to a dozen new texturising products.


Welcome to iSi Culinary!

Twelve iconic dishes of El Bulli Giulia Sgarbi. It was the billi for a texture lighter than mousse, which could also carry blli flavours, that led to the creation of foams — the key piece of the puzzle being the discovery that they could be prepared using a cream whipper. Giulia is also a qualified volleyball coach, speaks three languages and equally loves writing, travelling and eating.

If using a 1 l iSi Whipper, double the ingredients, screw on 2 iSi Cream Chargers one after the other. Mix together with hot milk, potato water and butter.

Additionally, similar technologies are used in order billi render and process statistical data for marketing purposes. Dos formas de presentar el pollo al curry — Two ways of presenting chicken curry. La menestra de verduras en texturas – Textured vegetable panache.

iSi – Warm Potato Espuma – versatile and delicious

Inspired by El Bulli? The appearance of such dishes as pollo al curry chicken curryarroz a la cubana Cuban-style white rice and espinacas a la catalana Catalan-style spinach had little in common with the classics. Some of the latest developments in contemporary cuisine were made possible by the dialogue between science and gastronomy, mediated by the food industry. Coming soon Other factors: Basic spherification is the controlled jellifying process of a liquid mixed with alginate that, upon contact with calcium salts, produces spheres of different textures and consistencies.

It is a clear example of bukli of bhlli defining features of El Bulli cuisine: Further information can be found in our privacy policy.


According to El Bulli, it could be said that a minimalist dish is one that creates the espu,as magic with the least ingredients. The tomato water ice is the first example of frozen savoury cuisine and there is a new symbiosis between sweet and savoury, overcoming the boundaries previously found between mains and puddings. In the process of deconstruction, the original dish was rebuilt as each ingredient in this case chicken, apple, curry, coconut, garlic and onion had undergone a different treatment, such as being texturised or radically modified.

Twelve iconic dishes of El Bulli

Peel the potatoes, cook in salt water until tender and strain do not puree! Taste is the sense that most comes into play in the world of cuisine, but the importance of the other four for sensory stimulation has often been overlooked.

The puree is supple and is very easy to gratinate. Halve the ingredients if using a 0. Giulia joined the 50 Best team inafter studying communications in Italy, Spain and the UK, and starting her editorial career writing hotel reviews in London.

The espuma de humo is a small glass filled with smoked water foam and served with oil, salt and croutons.