Edge Side Includes or ESI is a small markup language for edge level dynamic web content ESI is implemented by some content delivery networks, such as Akamai, and by some caching proxy servers such as Varnish, Squid and Mongrel . A dockerized version of Akamai’s Edge Side Includes Test Server (ETS). – akamai /esi-test-server-docker. ESI is currently supported by Content Delivery Networks: Akamai, Fastly, CloudFlare and caching proxy servers – Varnish, Squid and Mongrel.

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You can use it to debug production websites or test origin sites. Views Read Edit View history. Example of an ESI element is the include tag which is used to include content external to the page.

An ESI debugging report consists of the following subsections: By assembling dynamic pages from individual page fragments only non- cacheable or expired akamal need to be fetched from the origin location, thereby lowering the need to retrieve complete pages.

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For testing purposes, you can set up a test origin server to debug websites before deployment or modification. Increase speed, availability and reliability of your website by learning from the experts in our FREE email course.


Edge Side Includes

This operation provides a debugging report on the ESI code of your source page and all pages that the source page references. This specification defines the ESI Invalidation Protocol akaami allows for tight coherence between origin serves and surrogates also known as “Reverse Proxies”. Reports all ESI-supported environment variables and their values. Alternatively the whole page with the ESI tags may be cached, and only the ESI requests may be made to the origin server.

Reports information, warning, and error messages about ESI processing. This allows different caching times for different parts of the page, or different degrees of personalization. February 20, Published in: You can receive information about any ESI syntax errors, evaluation messages to check whether the site is working properly, and all environment variables used for your test.

The XML based ESI tags indicate to the edge-side processing agent the action that needs to be taken to complete the page’s assembly. Also, it provides features that let you emulate user geographical data and client-browser conditions.

Edge Side Includes – Wikipedia

Edge Architecture Specification This document defines the Edge Architecture, which extends the web infrastructure through the use of HTTP surrogates – intermediaries that act on behalf of an origin server. This allows different caching times for different parts of the page, or different degrees of personalisation. ESI leverages client tools such as caches to improve end-user performance, reduce processing overhead on the origin server, and enhance availability.


Akamai also adds additional features to the version they support. The document contains no ESI tags.

Shows the ESI source code. The main alternatives to ESI are: This creates a problem for caching systems. Getting started To configure this API for the first time: ESI Language Specification 1. Please read our privacy policy for more information.

Reports ESI syntax errors.

To diagnose many common problems Akamai customers experience when delivering content to their end users, see also The Diagnostic Tools API. The test origin server where the edge server sends requests instead of the origin server.

Edge Side Includes (ESI) – A Complete Overview

By proceeding you agree to the recording and the use of your personal data. Recent posts Ten New Data Centers: A debugging report on the ESI code of a source page and all included pages. There are four main features in ESI: This specification defines ESI 1.

This page was last edited on 22 Septemberat Instead of being displayed to viewers, these ESI tags are directives that instruct an ESI processor to take some action.