Tackifying Resin, Product Description: Escorez™ LC is a premium aromatic modified aliphatic hydrocarbon resin with a narrow molecular weight. Product datasheets and sales specifications for Escorez™ tackifying resins. Africa & Middle Escorez™ LC (AM & EU), 18, , Escorez™ , PRODUCT NAME: ESCOREZ series .. THE FOLLOWING MATERIALS: Petroleum hydrocarbon resin ECR | Escorez LC |.

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Example 6 Table 7 shows the results of several resins in a hot escorz pressure sensitive adhesive composition in comparison to each other. Secondly, they are less suitable for hydrogenation, hydrotreatment and quenching processes to improve the resin colour, before 20 they are used in any application. See also Frequently asked esxorez about the Boards of Appeal. We appreciate your input. In a further embodiment, the invention provides a hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive composition comprising.

These objections in particular concerned formal aspects, ie the incorrect category escotez Claim 3, the incorrect back-references in the dependent Claims 3 to 5 and the inadmissibility of Claim 6 under Rule 57a EPC. After polymerization the residual catalyst may be removed by, for example, addition and extraction with water.

ExxonMobil Escorez™ LC (AM & EU) Tackifying Resin

EP EPB2 en A typical composition of the used petroleum feed streams with and without cyclodiolefins and the plant recycled solvent is given below: The catalyst used in the examples was a 52 wt96 AlCl3 solution.

Jacob is the inventor of the claimed subject-matter and the author of D29, which he distri buted himself during the presentation he gave during this seminar, the Respondent’s declaration is not open to doubt. The shear to carton at 40 C is not significantly different for the four resins. The desired increase of the amount of cyclic structures in the aliphatic resins can e. Adhesive compositions comprising block copolymers of a monovinylaromatic compound and butadiene.

The ultimate resins of this invention have the following properties: Table 7 shows the results of several resins in a hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive composition in comparison to each other. Using higher temperatures, the melt viscosity decreases drastically.

Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives usually include a mixture of a polymer or copolymer esdorez the following, the term “polymer” will be used for both homopolymers and copolymerspreferably a block copolymer, a petroleum escorze resin and optionally further components such as an extender oil also named processing oilfillers and some additives like antioxidants or colorants. It was found that the amount of cyclic structures could be influenced by varying the polymerization conditions, like catalyst level, reaction temperature, amount of chain transfer agent and the feed composition.


The shear strengths were measured by a PSTC-7 test. Inventive aliphatic hydrocarbon sscorez, or briefly: In its decision the Opposition Division agreed with the submission of Opponent I that the patent proprietor was not entitled to the first priority.

The decision was esvorez on the sets of claims according to the main request and auxiliary request 4, both submitted eacorez the oral proceedings, and on the sets of claims according to auxiliary requests 2 and 3, both submitted with the letter dated 11 October Vector S-I-S–A linear polystyrene-polyisoprene-polystyrene triblock copolymer supplied by Dexco Polymers having a styrene content of The term “cyclic structure” is defined as any structure feature which serves to increase the level of 2023 or network structure in the resin.

It was also observed that such resins had a better compatibility in aromatic solvents, as could be seen by the lower MMAP cloud point. DE DED1 en The hot melt composition has a melt viscosity at C of less than lO0,preferably less than 80, mPas measured according to ASTM-D with a Brookfield 20 viscosity meter.

Documentation of the appeal procedure can be found in the Register. Average compositions of two used petroleum feed streams, with and without cyclodiolefins are given below.

These types of structural features can be the result of, but are not limited by, the following reactions: Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive for high speed automatic labeling and preparation method thereof. Official Journal email alerts Get the latest issues delivered direct to your inbox Subscribe now.

Details of Escorez Import Data Under HS Code 39111090 in June

Method for the determination of the Loop tack: The shear strengths were measured by a PSTC-7 test. The hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive composition generally consists of an S-I-S block 203, a petroleum tackifier resin as described in this invention and other additives as known in the art like hydrocarbon extender oils, antioxidants, colorants, fillers etc.


With the letter dated 15 June a newsletter from the Bobst Group hereinafter: J a number of physicochemical 25 properties which are indicative for cyclic structures. Normal technical advances leading to escotez operation speeds regularly require formulation adaptations of the materials processed and skilled persons are used to look for prior art recipes which appear the most promising to meet the new challenges.

The invention provides a petroleum-based aliphatic resin having: Because very little aromates are built in, resins made according to this invention give better high temperature shear strengths than aromatic modified resins like EscorezHercotac and Hercules RESIN A.

Materials used in preparing the adhesive compositions as mentioned in the examples are as follows:. Winqtack 95 – A petroleum resin available from Good Year like Piccotac 95E and Escorez having a softening point of about 96 C and a number average molecular weight of about eacorez Claim 1 of auxiliary request 4 corresponds to Claim 1 of auxiliary request 3, except for the following modifications: President’s blog Patent information: Sequentially polymerized styrene-isoprene-styrene block copolymer adhesive composition.

A commercial sample of a petroleum feed without any cyclodiolefins is Shell’s NL super piperylene concentrate and a commercial sample of the preferred petroleum feed containing 2023 desired cyclodiolefins is Shell’s NL regular piperylene concentrate.

The aromatic modification caused hot esxorez pressure sensitive adhesive formulations having a low viscosity and enhanced tack properties.

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According to the process for preparing an adhesive tape according to Claim 1: In such a case, the adhesive composition may additionally include some polystyrene-polyisoprene diblocks.

It is characterized by low color and low volatility. Suitable extender oils are selected from the group of aromatic oils, naphthenic oils, paraffinic oils or mixtures of those. Under these circumstances the case became much simpler and – as regards the subject-matter of the main request – the issue of inventive step was the only point of discussion remaining in the oral proceedings.

Examples of diolefins are cis and trans-piperylene 1,3-pentadiene1,4-pentadiene, isoprene, 1,3-hexadiene and 1, 4 -hexadiene.