We are sad to announce the passing of Eric Joisel on October 10, , from BC, and he signed his book that I had purchased “To Eric, The Viking I was not. I continue to learn from his works and methods, many of which can be found in his book, Eric Joisel: The Magician of Origami. This book was published. All we need is the price of a paperback book to sustain a library the whole world trusts. We have only . Eric Joisel Magician Of Origami.

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Although Joisel bookk often self-deprecating about his technique, saying, “oh, there is no technique here, it is merely box-pleating” — in truth, he was a master of technique.

The inside of the book is written fully and completely in two languages, Japanese and English, and is split up into four sections: When I heard of his illness, it came as a huge shock to me. Y[f] [s] h ;8 o.

Eric Joisel | OrigamiUSA

Those who already own jolsel published by Origami House can expect the same high quality format as their previous publications. I believe this is only their second hardcover book ever published.

Meyers on March 25, – 9: For me, Joisel embodies origami as fine art, and this book gives a fascinating glimpse into his world. With deep sadness I have heard the terrible news. He was a true artist and a master of origami. All products in the same category. Its essays and interviews provide a glimpse into Eric Joisel’s philosophy of origami in terms of art, sculpture, complexity, perspective, expression, and design. I am amazed at how graceful she appears and yet there is a sense of serenity about her, a sense of fluidity that just takes my breath away.


During his last two years of life as he battled lung cancer, he took on his most ambitious project: It felt “Happy” to be around him.

I am selfishly disappointed that we will no longer see any more new works from his masterful fingers.

Nevertheless he will be remembered for a long time for very good reasons: His designs have a unique origami style and sometimes required hundreds of hours of work without using something other than the technique of folding. What I will say is that he was, and continues to be, one of my greatest inspirations as an origami designer. You pay too much money for just a silly piece of paper! In my final message to Eric I thanked him for being so generous to me and the origami community with his works of art.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia –not only grand in scale, but also deeply personal, idiosyncratic, and complex. And thus, our relationship as friends has grown over the years.

Eric Joisel Magician Of Origami

Specificity Exclusive items to the store – Rare items – Our favorite. My deepest condolences to his family. I don’t think anyone will ever come along with his capabilities in this art of Origami. Eric Joisel – La magia del papel. I’m already a customer of Origami-shop. It is nook how far he reached.


What could I do to help my friend? He insisted that I keep it in spite of my protests. He had wider skills.

He first discovered in the s the unique forms created with paper by Akira Yoshizawathe Japanese grandmaster of origami who had created more than 50, models, developing the wet-folding method that allowed for the creation of three-dimensional rounded sculptures.

He worked in a variety of papers and materials, often using laminates of paper, foil, and heavily painting or gessoing them before or after folding; but he also worked in pure, raw kozo paper, particularly in his later years.

You enriched the life of many and your traces will stay jkisel. It is important to remember, though, that Eric was a true artist, and his work cannot be reproduced, all his pieces were unique.

His humor, responsiveness and at the same time pensive nature portrayed a really grand Frenchman in many senses Not often emphasised, he was also a brilliant folder of tessellations, apparently having gained the skill from the abstract creations of his fellow Frenchman Jean-Claude Correia. He felt he could never thank us enough.

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