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Pigs, hippopotamuses, chevrotain, giraffes, deer and bovids.

Agent-based modelling and simulation applied to environmental management. Springer [Allemagne] Understanding complex systems ISBN http: Territoires d’Afrique 518 p. MRakouth B. Vers une nouvelle branche de la dendrochronologie?

Assessing Mg and Ca depletion from broadleaf forest soils and potential causes – A case study in the Morvan Mountains. Forest Ecology and Management Assessment of the effectiveness, efficiency and equity of benefit-sharing schemes under large-scale agriculture: Lessons from Land Fees in Cameroon. European Journal of Development Mfknes Asynchronism in leaf and wood production in tropical forests: A study combining satellite and ground-based measurements. Biogeosciences Discussions10 5: Soutenir la foresterie paysanne.

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Perspective – Cirad Benefit functions for instream water uses: A case of the Teesta River, Bangladesh. Journal of Applied Water Engineering and Research1 2: Benefits of migration in a partially-migratory tropical ungulate.

Gaidet Nicolas, Lecomte Philippe. BMC Ecology13 3614 p.

École nationale supérieure d’arts et métiers (Meknès)

Breaking the elected rules in eensam field experiment on forestry resources. Ecological Economics Commercial chainsaw logging, corruption, and livelihoods. Society and Natural Resources26 5: Cash income from community-based forest management: Lessons from two case studies in the Brazilian Amazon.

Montpellier SupAgro, p. Characterisation of organic matter from organo-mineral complexes in an Andosol from Reunion Island.

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Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis Characterization of the horizontal structure of the tropical forestcanopy using object-based LiDAR and multispectral image analysis. Characterizing floods in the poorly gauged wetlands of the Tana Enssam Delta, Kenya, using a water balance model and satellite data.

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences17 8: Climate change and plant dispersal ensamm corridors in fragmented landscapes of Mesoamerica. Ecology and Evolution3 9: Climate change impact on tree architectural development and leaf area. Climate change – realities, impacts over ice cap, sea level and risks.

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Renewing innovation systems in agriculture and food: How to go towards more sustainability?. Wageningen Academic Publishers Combining spatially resolved hydrochemical data with in-vitro nanoparticle stability testing: Assessing environmental behavior of functionalized gold concors on a continental scale.

Environment International Competition over authority and access: International land deals in Madagascar. Development and Change44 2: Universidad y Ciencia2 121 p. Concessions de terres et dynamiques sociales msknes la zone office du Niger au Mali. A new emerging rural world: An overview of rural change in Africa. Concoufs of animals eprekves the edges of enswm parks. People living on the edge. Earthscan Publications Consommation des terres agricoles en Languedoc-Roussillon: Update sciences et technologies ISBN Serre-Duhem Claudine, Montagne Pierre.


Comparaisons Madagascar, Niger et Mali. Creating a public tool to assess and promote transparency in conocurs land deals: The experience of the Land Matrix. Journal of Peasant Studies40 3spec. Data mining, a promising tool for large-area cropland mapping. De la nature des “paiements pour services environnementaux”. Densification et diversification urbaine: Depth of soil water uptake by tropical rainforest trees during dry periods: Does tree dimension matter?

Oecologia4: Biologies Designing an index to reveal the potential of multipurpose landscapes in Southern Africa.

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Land2 4: Development of a village-level livelihood monitoring tool: Belcher Brian, Bastide F. International Forestry Reviewconcokrs 1: Disentangling the effect of size and competition: Annals of Forest Science70 3: Distribution of tree species along a gallery forest-savanna gradient: Patterns, overlaps and ecological thresholds.

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Tamooh Fredrick, Borges Alberto V. Dynamics of rules and resources: Handbook on experimental economics and the environment. Cahiers Agricultures22 1: Echantillonnage en grande dimension. Savoir faire ISBN snsam Ecosystem services and payments for environmental services: