Rei militaris instituta, also called Epitoma rei militaris, written sometime between and , advocated a revival of the old system but had almost no influence. Epitoma rei militaris. Vegetius Edited by M. D. Reeve. Oxford Classical Texts. The first modern critical edition; Based on a comprehensive. The Epitoma Rei Militaris or Epitome of Military Science by Publius. Flavius Vegetius Renatus was in the Middle Ages one of the most popular.

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This article adopts that point of view and assigns an approximate date of to the work, which would not be, then, word for word the same as what Vegetius wrote, accounting for the title variants.

Military inventors feature prominently in such catalogues. Flavius Vegetius Renatus, Epitoma rei militaris manuscript Creator: The initial date of the window is established by Vegetius’ own statement that he wrote covering the time usque ad tempus divi Gratiani”up to the time of the divine Gratian. As an additional justification for the work, C’s cites p. Claudian, however, would seem at least partially to compromise Seeck’s argument: Vegetius based his treatise on descriptions of Roman armies, especially those of the mid to late Republic.

Regardless of whether C’s arguments for preferring the western to the eastern legions are correct, one wonders if C has missed Vegetius’ point at 1. Vegetius’ reforms retain the legionary eagle and the other signa militariawhich had definite pagan connections, and about which he states 3. The second book, Secundus liber ueteris militiae continet morem, ad quem pedestris institui possit exercituscontains traditional military practices with which infantry can be created. The binding is 19th century brown morocco, blind tooled, with gilt edges, by W.

Besides, Vegetius, if addressing Theodosius, would hardly be so impolitic as to criticize the emperor’s brother-in-law Gratian, whose half-sister Galla he married in and of whom he was much enamored Zos. The collection is open for research.


C’s lack of attention to genre also has implications for miligaris naval thesis pp. They are organized into four books:. C’s diligent pursuit of contemporary references yields both successes and rie herrings, some of which have already been mentioned.

Establishing the Date of the Epitoma Rei Militaris. However, after the first printed editions, Vegetius’ position as the premier military authority began to decline, as ancient historians such as Polybius became available.

As C’s topical approach focuses on the cases for individual emperors, the often piecemeal presentation of opponents’ views, scattered fragments lifted for refutation from the context of broader arguments, deprive a reader of the cogency of an individual scholar’s position.

Epitoma rei militaris

C scarcely advances the issue beyond Milner’s discussion, militarus only that Publius Vegetius Renatus militariw an important bureaucrat hence his Late Roman title “Flavius” in some MSSa wealthy landowner in the West, a Christian, and also the author of the Mulomedicina disputed by some. For the work of the same name by Roberto Valturio, see De re militari Valturio. Although C follows p. Thus C’s whole discussion of Vegetius’ relationship to Greek military thought pp.

Reeve Oxford Classical Texts The first modern critical edition Based on a comprehensive investigation of over surviving manuscripts. I of the 11th, possibly late 10th century. All of Vegetius’ references to Rome and Italy to this reader seem antiquarian, not contemporary — an appeal to the traditions of “old Rome” befitting Vegetius’ advocacy of the antiqua legio. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Vegetius, ‘Het Romeinse leger’. If the earlier date is preferred, it is unlikely Vegetius did all seven revisions or even one of them. A Theodosian context of the revised date for Easter Epit.

Naval art and science–Early works to A turn to christianization in all things military really begins in the Theodosian era. In that case he would have been alive in the windowthe dates of Theodosius’ reign. Yet other scholars are more skeptical about this political marriage, and C p.


Further, C also ignores Vegetius’ note on Persian imitation of Roman fortified camps 3. The third book, Tertius liber omnia artium genera, quae terrestri proelio necessaria uidentur, exponitsets forth all types of arts that appear to be necessary for fighting on land. Nevertheless, C frequently engages Milner’s published views and Silhanek’s arguments.

Another scholar, however, notes occasional evidence of no or inadequate fortified encampments. Problematic also are aspects of C’s Vegetius the panegyrist.

Epitoma rei militaris – Vegetius – Oxford University Press

Some of the maxims may be mentioned here as illustrating the principles of a war for limited political objectives with which he deals:. The year is taken as the latest possible time the work could have epitoja written, assuming he did all seven revisions in just a few years.

Throughout the fourth century the army remained remarkably neutral in Christian-pagan conflicts and even Constantine’s compulsory prayer for militari Euseb. Similarly, C weakly hints pp.

Epitoma rei militaris | work by Vegetius |

This article is militariz a work by Vegetius. Here are some titles from among the incunabulabooks printed before Donated by Mary Parker Smith, Military engineering Castra Siege engines. Views Read Edit View history. Madden, Sir Frederic ; Henry Shaw In his article C hits upon a plausible solution to the problem of 1. A fragment of a contemporary manuscript 1 leaf at the beginning and 1 at the end was supplied for protection.

Aristophanis Fabvlae II N.