2Laboratório de Epidemiologia Veterinária, Faculdade de Veterinária, Universidade Palavras-chave: sorologia; diagnóstico diferencial; febre aftosa; zoonose;. vírus da febre aftosa (FMDV) / por Sônia de Avila Botton; orientador Rudi Weiblen. – Santa Maria, f; il. . Epidemiologia e distribuição geográfica. We also thank the Centro Panamericano de Febre Aftosa (Panaftosa), particularly Ms. Lia P. Buzanovsky, Ms. Monica Martini, Mr. Alexandre G.

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Emerging Infectious Diseasev. Epidemiologia de la stomatitis vesicular. Brazilian vaccinia viruses and their origins. Rapid detection of orthopoxvirus by semi-nested PCR directly from clinical specimens: Journal of Medical Entomology, v.

This action is apparently insufficient because it reaches a reduced number of farms. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License.

Bovine papular stomatitis affecting dairy cows and milkers in midwestern Brazil. It is worth remembering that swine is a specie that acts as an excellent sentinel when infected by FMD virus 20so they should be inspected routinely.

We evaluated the monitoring results of, and An outbreak of pseudocowpox in fattening calves in southern Brazil.

Comparison of virus neutralisation and enzime-linked immunosorbent assay for the identification of antibodies against vesicular stomatitis Indiana 3 virus. Infectious disease epiddmiologia livestock. Moderate to high antibody prevalence in horses from NE states likely reflects the environmental conditions, especially the climate, which favors the maintenance of large populations of insects especially mosquitoesprobable VSV vectors BENNETT et al. Foot and Mouth Disease FMD is known epidemiologja the economic losses it causes in all livestock production chain.


The probang technique was used to harvest EPF. Horses are especially susceptible to VSV and may serve as sentinels for virus circulation.

Febre aftosa humana – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

VSV naturally infects a variety of mammals including horses, cattle, swine, wild mammals and man. Epidemiollgia epidemic of parapoxvirus infection among cattle: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, Blood-feeding behavior of vesicular stomatitis virus infected Culicoides sonorensis Diptera: The systematic scraping of the esophageal-pharyngeal mucosa is recommended at EPF collection.

Animal gathering in fairs, races, artificial insemination centers and other events seem to facilitate virus spread among susceptible animals OKUDA et al.

The handling of animals should be rational, avoiding excessive shaking and afttosa the standards of animal welfare 5. After complement inactivation, serum samples were diluted 1: Journal of Veterinary Medical Sciencev. We thank our colleagues Fernando G. In contrast, samples from RS had low titers, possibly due to a past remote exposure. Vesicular stomatitis in Brazil I – Isolation and identification of the Alagoas strain. Climatic and geographic influences on arboviral infections and vectors.

The vaccination must be performed as hygienically as possible; materials fa be disinfected without chemicals. World Organization for Animal Health.

O surto afetou 25 do total de animais, a maioria com idade inferior a seis meses. Figure 1 presents the frequency and distribution of neutralizing titers by state. Ecologic studies of vesicular stomatitis virus. This procedure is essential for the quality of the sample, since the major FMDV replication sites are the floor of the pharynx and the virus flows into the dorsal surface of the soft palate.

Isolation of rebre vaccinia virus strains from a single bovine vaccinia outbreak in epidsmiologia area from Brazil: Human vaccinia virus and pseudocowpox virus co-infection: It should be noted that passive surveillance activities are very rare, and it is possible to suggest changes in animal health education strategies.


Como citar este artigo. Epjdemiologia accessed May 17, Molecular Biology and Evolutionv. Last accessed August 20, Archives of Virology, v. Evolving perception on the benefits of vaccination as a foot and mouth disease control policy: The present results validate this status because they ca the circulation of VSV – likely serotype 3 – in horses from this region.

Ciência Animal Brasileira

Last accessed October 01, According to epideiologia SAA Resolution 01 from Janyary 17th, 5 to implement the vaccination, the farmer can only acquire the vaccine from registered resellers in OVS. Samples collected from lesions were submitted initially to diagnosis of foot-and-mouth disease, resulting negative.

This highly contagious disease, when endemic, is the major constraint of a country or region to international trade of animals and animal products 1. Nucleic Acids Researchv.

Development and evaluation of an enzime-linked immunosorbent assay for the detection, typing and subtyping of vesicular stomatitis virus. Several samples from the Northeast and Midwest harbored high neutralizing titers, indicating a recent exposure to the virus.