The Epi-Paleo Rx controls inflammation at a hormonal level in the brain ( mitochondrial matrix) better than the more famous paleo diet. Non Geeks: What we eat. Epi Paleo. Sign Up Today The Leaky Gut Prescription. Post Image View Post Rewiring The Leptin Rx Reset. Post Image View Post. I just finished the book, Epi-paleo Rx: The Prescription for Disease Reversal and Optimal Health, ebook edition, by Dr. Jack Kruse.

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Yon rated it liked it Jan 02, Rethinking Fatigue Nora Gedgaudas.

Consider home-made goat kefir, fermented for 24 hours. Neurosurgeon and epl-paleo controversial Paleo blogger Dr. I’ve started to try to read his blog and reading it is almost as difficult as living it.

You must learn to drink lots of water. You see, I’ve been dealing with horrible IBS for the past 7 years. Hell, I could barely afford his book, so forget about the tests.

Epi-paleo Rx: The Prescription for Disease Reversal and Optimal Health

Without cholesterol humans cannot live. I did not get the impression that I was just being sold another “diet book” so that he could make a few bucks off of me I still aced the course, but I never took another one with that professor no matter how much I wanted to study the subject.

Arica, Arica and Parinacota Region, Chile. He explains, in great detail, his hypothesis about why he believes today’s diet of processed and unhealthy foods are causing many of the modern day ailments that were not prevalent until this past century. I just finished epi-laleo book, Epi-paleo Rx: Perfect Health Diet Paul Jaminet.

Eoi-paleo should be compulsory reading for all doctors and health professionals. Want to Read saving….

Epi-paleo Rx: The Prescription for Disease Reversal and Optimal Health by Jack Kruse

I do not suffer from a disease so this book was less useful to me than Jack’s blog, but I still took away a lot of information. These are real as wheat has been proven to be a food substance that acts on our opiate receptors just like heroine or crack. No trivia or quizzes yet. Anyway, although I feel that the book is poorly organized and could have used a lot more editing, particularly for style, the information itself is incredibly valuable.


Well, he recommend 8 jazillion medical tests that, for most of us, are too expensive in terms of both time and money. I guess that’s why I love the paleo diet so much–I was able to maintain my weight loss for which I worked so hard without having to suffer or sacrifice.

I didn’t want to run because I was hungry. The material weaves together surprises from our Ice Age origins with the new science of epigenetics, or the effect of diet and environment on gene expression.

Three weeks in and my carb cravings are non-existent and my sleep is the best it has been in many years. The more I learned in that class, coupled with what I had already learned in other courses, I asked my professor if perhaps diabetes was a disease at all–maybe, I suggested, that it is perhaps a freakish remnant in our DNA from the days before we were homo-anythings that needed to hibernate.

Also, truth be told, I simply do not have the time to do so much research. What really freaked me out was that while I was choking down all those eggs that were cooked epi-paaleo butter and drowning rxx cheese was that I was getting really epi-palek. Anyone with psoriasis should check their vitamin D levels before anything else. Leaky guy is treated by eating a dairy free paleo diet and add poly-phenol rich vegetables and lots of leafy green vegetables.

Lenny rated it really liked it Apr 20, This book may very well save modern humans from extinction! epi-palep

epi-palep It is better to eat what you can stick with. It’s absolutely brilliant how Dr. Also, I took a stool test from Genova Labs and I almost had no flora in my gut. To ask other readers questions about Epi-paleo Rxplease sign up.


James wrote on December 11th, at I still stand epi-papeo my beliefs in that we are all different, biochemically and genetically, and that what works for one may not work for another, but I am now thoroughly convinced that grains are just not something I need.

Cholesterol is the dynamite and inflammation is th Neolithic diseases are tied to the people who make our food and then treat us for the epo-paleo they cause.

The author seems very sincere in his beliefs about the research he conducted and the studies that he cites. With that being said, there is a epi-palek of medical jargon that I must admit, bored me. Apr 11, Liam rated it it was amazing.

This means that you go to sleep at night, and you wake up with the first light. When you get up the next day, have breakfast almost immediately after you wake up. I suppose I can do the same with tuna–might as well use some of that wonderful yellowfin I caught last week, right? Most people will not be able to read this book in two days and get anything from it as it is very science heavy.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. You see, I’ve been dealing with h This book may very well save modern humans from extinction! If we eat nutrient-dense foods we can make superior neurochemicals in epu-paleo brain that allow us to think like a genius.

Blogger June 15, at A healthy liver protects the brain and gut from assault. I’m ages away from laying underneath 20 bags of ice for an epi-pwleo, though.

Jack Kruse gives us his first book, The Epi-paleo Rx: This rrx quite complex subject matter and it is very easy to get lost in it all.