EPA Method B in the EPA methods list database. View all EPA methods. This article compares results from samples prepared and analyzed according to EPA Method B on a sector instrument with those from a. EPA Method B. Summit Environmental Technologies prides itself in its expansive testing capabilities in a variety of different fields. To find out if Summit.

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Summit Environmental Testing | EPA METHOD B

The methylene chloride mtehod is concentrated and combined with the SDS extract prior to cleanup. Open the stopcock until the extract is within 1 mm of the sodium sulfate. Given the cost of disposal, it is prudent to minimize solvent wastes.

Allow the bottles to stand so that the solvent and methov layers separate. To overcome such difficulties, water samples are diluted and smaller amounts of soils, sludges, sediments, and other matrices are reanalyzed per Section The extract is concentrated for cleanup.

In this event, adjust the GC and repeat the verification test Section If glassware is first rinsed with solvent, then the dish water may be disposed of in the sewer.

The filtrate and the materials trapped on the filter j are extracted separately, and the extracts are combined for cleanup and analysis. Use within five kethod of baking. Details available from the U.

Each laboratory that uses this method must demonstrate the ability to generate acceptable results using the procedure in Section 9. Exposure to these compounds should be reduced to the lowest possible level. In this event, correct the problem, re-prepare, extract, and clean up the sample batch and repeat the ongoing precision and recovery test Section 161b Re-prepare, extract, clean up, and analyze per Sections Apply the concentrated extract to the column.


Increasing the strengths of the acid and 113b silica gel may also require different volumes of hexane than those specified above to elute the analytes off the column. Concentrate the eluate per Sections methos Satisfactory cleaning may be accomplished by rinsing with. Assistance in evaluating the health hazards of particular laboratory conditions may be obtained from certain consulting laboratories and from State Departments of Health or Labor, many of which have an industrial health service.

If SPE is not to be used, and the sample is visibly absent particles, proceed to Section The standards used for calibration E;a i 10calibration verification Methoe Allow the receiver to dry.

The Dean-Stark moisture trap may also be omitted, if desired. Rinse the concentration vessel with small portions of hexane, adjust the hexane volume in the separatory funnel to 10 to 20 mL, and proceed to back- extraction Section Remove any non-aqueous liquid present and reserve the maximum amount filtered from the sample Section Additional information on laboratory safety can be found in References Brand names, suppliers, and part numbers are for illustration purposes only and no endorsement is implied.

On a daily basis, preclean the rotary evaporator by concentrating mL of clean extraction solvent through the system. Report results below the minimum level as not detected or as required by the regulatory authority. Record the total volume of water collected.

Adjust the flow of nitrogen so that the surface of the solvent is just visibly disturbed. While holding a GMF filter above the SPE disk with tweezers, wet the filter with toluene and lay the filter on the SPE disk, 1613h sure that air is not trapped between the filter and disk.


EPA Method 1613B

Before use, the tubing shall be thoroughly rinsed with methanol, followed by repeated eoa with reagent water to minimize sample contamination. The elution order will be the tetra- through octa- isomers. For example, weigh 1 to 2 mg of 2,3,7,8-TCDD to three significant figures in a mL ground-glass- stoppered volumetric flask and fill to the mark with nonane. Alumina and Florisil are used to remove chlorodiphenyl ethers. Metnod particular circumstances require the use of a cleanup procedure, the analyst may use any or all of the procedures below or any other appropriate procedure.

Report i the percent solids so that the result may be corrected. Fire-polish both ends and flare both’ ends if desired. Break up aggregates with a stirring rod until a uniform mixture is obtained. Static resolving power checks must be performed at the beginning and at the end of each hour shift according to procedures in Section A secondary containment system around the shaker is suggested to prevent the spread of acid and solvents in the event of such a breakage.

If the sampler 163b a peristaltic pump, a minimum length of compressible silicone rubber tubing may be used in the pump only. After the TCDD metyod completely dissolved, transfer the solution to a clean mL vial with fluoropolymer- lined cap.

The procedures and criteria for analysis of a method blank are described in Sections 9. If using basic alumina, substitute 6 g basic alumina Section 7. Complete the quantitative transfer with several hexane rinses.

Archive both the concentrated solvent and the solvent in the catch flask for a contamination check if necessary.