Find solutions to your manual epox ep 9npa3j question. Get free help, tips & support from top experts on manual epox ep 9npa3j related issues. Epox EP-9NPA3J Spec Sheet;. EP-9NPA3J: Manufacturer: Epox: Price Check: Find Best Price: Downloads: BIOS Drivers Manuals: Chipset. I recently received an Epox EP-9NPA+Ultra mainboard refubrished from the online Epox store, but it did not include a manual. The Epox.

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EXE file and it will self extract. Page 63 Drivers Installation Speaker Configuration: You should then run an anti-virus program to locate the virus. Turns off the system after a 4 second delay. This step will show you how to prepare this driver floppy. Push “Start” button to start the sensing.

Battery Voltage The voltage level of the battery. Base memory, Shadow memory. We recommend that you leave this at the default value.

Mainboard manual

Press the clips in the direction of the arrows shown in Figure 4 to secure the Apply thermal compound to the top of assembly to the CPU socket.

Front Panel Audio Connector When the jumpers are removed this connector can be used for front panel audio. Appendix Use the arrow keys to select the array that you want to set up, then press Enter. Please remember to terminate all audio applications before starting the sensing. The system will boot, but access to Setup will be denied unless the correct password is entered at the prompt. Installation Easy Installation Procedure The following must be completed before powering on your new system: This page displays the mainboards’s phone jack function when a corresponding audio mode is selected.


After closing EZ-Connector, this page will show the latest connector status as above. Don’t show me this message again. Easy Installation Procedure Installation Easy Installation Procedure The following must be completed before powering on your new system: For more detailed information, refer to “Sound Manager manual” HDD drive cable J.

EXE file corresponding to your model from our website to an empty directory on your hard disk or floppy. Serial Port Connector The serial port can be used with modems, serial printers, remote display terminals, and other serial device.

Page 66 Drivers Installation Connector Sensing: Turns off the system instantly. The following screen appears: Allows quick and easy optimization. Pressing the [F1] key displays a help message for the selected item.


Page 64 Drivers Installation General: The striping block size can be set from 4KB to 64KB. Page 28 Installation CP80P: Drivers Installation Realtek Sound Manager Quick User-guide Introduction To obtain the best performance from your audio system, run the “Sound Manager” utility to adjust the settings to suit your needs.


Drivers Installation This board is equipped with Jack Sensing capability.

The floppy disk should contain NO device drivers or other programs. ACPI Shutdown Temperature This is the temperature that the computer will turn off the power to combat the effects of an overheating system.

Got it, continue n9pa3j print. Page 76 Appendix Reserved Initialize floppy controller Set up floppy related fields in Installation Floppy Controller Connector This connects to the floppy disk drive. Without phone plug inserted, the rear panel audio is enabled. mamual

If an audio device is plugged into the wrong connector, a warning message will appear to remind users to check the connection. This page displays information regarding the audio hardware and software.

With phone plug inserted, the rear panel audio will be disabled.

Select the item you need to reconfigure. The BIOS update is finished. RJ45 Parallel Port 7.

Floppy drive cable Optional Items D. Game Port Address Select an address for the Game port.