Part of the Fourth Tablet of “Enuma elish” (courtesy of the British Museum) . of the Creation (London, ); Anton Deimel, “Enuma Elis” und Hexaemeron ( Rome, ); G. Furlani, 11 Poema della Bea in Biblica, XIX (), ff. Enûma Elish es un poema babilónico que narra el origen del mundo. El poema puede ser visto como la historia de la eterna lucha entre el Orden y el en un conflicto de proporciones bíblicas, al borde del melodrama. (2) El Enuma Elish o relato de la creación Con las palabras “Enuna Elish” comienza (3) Literatura sapiencial e himnos El poema didáctico Ludlul bel nemeqi.

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Even before they had grown up and become tall, Who removed the yoke imposed upon the gods, his ene- mies; Who has opened the fountains and has apportioned water in abundance?

Enuma Elish Traducción y notas de Luis Astey V Pages 51 – 81 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Verily, the sun-child of the gods, the radiant one, is he! Fohrer, Introduction to the Old Testament, trad.


He created the god Kusig, the high priest of the great gods, for the performance of the rites and ce[remonies] ; The lord, the power of Anu, who surpasses the name? The planets offer no guide to fixing the calendar.

The inscription runs as follows: He commanded with his mouth, enumaa the garment was de- stroyed. It shall be a dwelling for our rest at night; come, let us repose therein!

But as Ea listened to the proc- lamation, in which he had apparently not taken an active part, he resolved to con- fer his own name on Marduk, in addition to those already proclaimed by the Igigi. It was the meanings of the names which accounts for the interest in collecting and handing down so many.

Enuma Elish: Poema babilónico de la creación

At the opening of his mouth, let them pay attention to their goddess. Nudimmud, the master of his fathers was he; 26 Mummu embraced [his] neck, Different traditions and varying forms of the same tradition are constantly merging and separating.

Soon thou shalt trample upon [the neck ebuma TYamat!

Koldewey, Das wieder erstehende Babylon [Leipzig, ], Fig. Let them look upon him. He had the gods his fathers sit down to a banquet.


All the names which the Igigi proclaimed, The four groups of mankind are his creation; In the mouths of mankind, whom his hands have created. The reason for the second recitation of the epic is expressly stated in Keilschrifttexte aus Assur religidsen Inhalts, Nos.

At the beginning of ve month, namely, of the rising o[ver] the land, Create your own flipbook. BM y Kish In a solemn court Kingu was indicted.

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May [thy overpowering poison] vanquish the opposing might! He crossed the heavens and examined the regions.

She gave him the tablet of destinies, [she fastened it upon his breast], saying: The following lines are taken from the third col- umn of the tablet. Who created mankind to set them free; All the great gods who determine [the destinies].

The giver of portions and offerings, who supervises.