Get manuals, specifications, and demos for the Ensoniq SQ-1 synthesizer. This Manual is copyrighted and all rights are reserved by ENSONIQ Corp. • ENSONIQ, SQ-R, SQ-1, VFX, VFXSD, Transwave, EPS, Smart Transmit and. This page contains information about manuals for the SQ-1 from Ensoniq Corporation.

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This gives you a wide array of different sonic elements at your fingertips! Can also import most Ensoniq formats. The screw was missing. Filter – 4-pole analog resonant filter with 6-stage envelope. That’s confidence for you. Technical info and a Linux assembler for hacking the Mirage.

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Offering services for file management and conversion to E-MU emulator format. This site has now closed but manuxl resources can still be downloaded as a zip file. This is the result of some very diligent reverse engineering.

Provides tips and tricks for the Ensoniq MR workstations. Polyphony – 8 voices dynamic voice allocation. Offer some info plus patches to download for the Fizmo.


Ensoniq ESQ1 mod wheel panel question On a recently purchased esq1, the top lid was not closed tightly on the left bottom side. Now a new revised site so check it out. Plus a global snapshot feature to save your entire studio environment. A great site for users of the Ensoniq Paris audio manua with news, bug info, chat and pretty much anything pertaining to Paris.

Ensoniq SQ-1 | Sound Programming

Additional synth courtesy of the Ensoniq ESQ1. There are also many manuals available for download.

There are 40 preset sounds which are the usual not-so-great sounds. It can store up to 24, notes in 30 sequences and 10 songs via battery back-up. Provide Fender Rhodes repair and maintenance as well as digital and analog synth repair. Provides info, forum and downloads for the TS Fizmo Group – Yahoo. I have a ‘plastic’ model.

Luckily the VFD display screen is large enough manua make editing the sounds somewhat pleasant. Memory – 40 patches. A support site fo the Fizmo with patches, articles and MP3 demos of the Fizmo’s sound. Sonicstate provides a collection of user reviews on Ensoniq gear.


Provides original mp3 demos and sys-ex downloads for various Oberheim, Waldorf, Yamaha and Novation synths. Archive of Scott Hansen’s ASR-X resource site with info, streaming audio demos, files and links to other electronic music resources. It has mwnual “battery voltage low Oscillators – 3 digital oscillators per voice, 32 waveforms.

Mirage – Simple Mirage Application. Their patches come ensonoq a money back guarantee!! Now the new home of the the old Oakland archive. A group for Fizmo users at Yahoo with discussion and files for members.

Mirage – Leigh Smith. Manual Download the original owner’s manual from SoundProgramming. Plus there are other tools s1q download. Archive of a past website with hints, tips and documentation. Also Ensoniq manuals are available.