ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH DEPARTMENTMINI. ENFERMEDAD DE MINAMATA Síndrome causado por envenenamiento por mercurio. ENVENENAMIENTO POR MERCURIO PRODUCCIÓN. Company Logo () Enfermedad de Minamata Resumen En , en la ciudad de Minamata (Japón), comenzaron a aparecer personas.

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Patients’ families were the victim of discrimination and ostracism from the local community.

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Second, could and should the company have anticipated the effect of its wastewater and should it have taken steps to prevent the tragedy i. This resulted in many applicants being rejected by the committee, leaving them confused and frustrated. Four Big Pollution Diseases of Japan. Testimony at a later Niigata Minamata disease trial proved that Chisso knew the Cyclator to be completely ineffective: Chisso was coming under closer scrutiny and to deflect criticism, the wastewater output route was changed.

A memorial service was held at the Minamata Disease Municipal Museum on 1 May to mark 50 enfermfdad since the official discovery of the disease. On October 21,Chisso was ordered by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry to switch back its minamataa drainage from the Minamata River to Hyakken Harbour and to speed up the installation of wastewater treatment systems at the minammata. Minamata disease broke out again inthis time along the banks of the Agano River in Niigata Prefecture.

These forms of obfuscation are commonly experienced by ‘environmental victims’ in many countries. The defendant could have prevented the occurrence of Minamata disease or at enfedmedad have kept it at a minimum.

Accessed 4 January Their parents, who are often their only source of care, are into their seventies or eighties or already deceased. Retrieved from ” https: Minamata disease compensation agreements of Chisso failed to co-operate with the investigation team from Kumamoto University.

Around this time, two other pollution-related diseases were also grabbing headlines in Japan. Through the evolution of public sentiments, the victims and environmental protesters were able to acquire standing and proceed more effectively in their cause.

Aquatic toxicology Ecotoxicology Occupational toxicology Entomotoxicology Environmental toxicology Forensic toxicology Medical toxicology In vitro toxicology Toxicogenomics. Polluting wastewater had damaged the fisheries around Minamata ever since the opening of the Encermedad factory in Methylmercuryan organic mercury compound released in factory wastewater and the cause of Minamata disease.


Chisso’s president Kiichi Yoshioka enfermwdad a glass of water supposedly treated through the Cyclator to demonstrate that it was safe. The cats in the local minamaat, which tended to eat scraps from the family table, had died with symptoms similar to those now discovered in humans.

Inthe victims of Minamata disease were in a much weaker position than the fishermen. Finally on 26 September — 12 years after the discovery of the disease and four months after Chisso had stopped production of acetaldehyde using its mercury catalyst — the government issued an official mknamata as to the cause of Minamata disease:. On 29 August, the fishing cooperative agreed to the mediation committee’s proposal, stating: Some people feared the disease to be contagious, and many local people were fiercely loyal to Chisso, depending on the company for their livelihoods.

Malaltia de Minamata – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

Indeed, Chisso did later set up a subsidiary to reclaim and sell the mercury recovered from the sludge. As soon as the investigation identified a heavy metal as the causal substance, the wastewater from the Chisso plant was immediately suspected as the origin.

As a result, the local community was much more supportive of patients’ groups and a lawsuit was filed against the company in Marchonly three years after discovery. Signs and symptoms include ataxianumbness in the hands and feet, general muscle weaknessenfermexad of peripheral visionand damage to hearing and speech.

The extensive research by Kumamoto University and the government dnfermedad meant that this point was proved quite easily.

The highest result recorded was that of a woman from Goshonoura island who had ppm in her sample. Chisso knew of the environmental damage caused by its wastewater and was well aware that it was the prime suspect in the Minamata disease investigation.

After beginning a sit-in at the factory gates in Novemberthe patients asked Kumamoto Prefecture Governor Hirosaku Teramoto to include the patients’ request for compensation with the mediation that was ongoing with the prefectural fishing alliance. In most people’s minds, the issue of Minamata disease had been resolved. The certification committee convened on 29 November and agreed that the two dead children and the 16 children still alive should be certified as patients, and therefore liable for “sympathy” payments from Chisso, in line with the agreement.


As a group, these diseases came to be known as the four big entermedad diseases of Japan.

From around onward, cats had been seen to have convulsions, go mad, and die. These pollutants had an environmental impact. Despite this, from Septemberinstead of discharging its waste into Hyakken Harbour the focus of investigation and source of original contaminationit discharged wastewater directly into Minamata River.

H4 Escherichia coli O In Septemberthey set up a Trial Research Group, which included law professors, medical researchers including Masazumi Haradasociologists and even the housewife and poet Michiko Ishimure to provide useful material to the lawyers to improve their legal arguments. As of March2, victims had been officially certified 1, of whom have died [2] and over 10, people had received financial compensation from Chisso, [3] although they were not recognised as official victims.

Before long, patients appeared with identical symptoms to patients living on the Shiranui Sea, and the outbreak was made public on 12 June In fact, the wastewater from the acetaldehyde plant, which the company knew still enfermedwd mercury minamatw led to Minamata disease when fed to cats, was not treated through the Cyclator at the time.

In Japanese, despite the English title. As of March2, victims had been officially enfermedwd as enfermedae Minamata disease 1, of whom had died [2] and over 10, had received financial compensation from Chisso. The involvement of the press also aided the process of democratization because it caused more people to become aware of the facts of Minamata enfermeead and the pollution that caused it.