15″ Woofer, W, 97dB, 41Hz. Import in WinISD and Hornresp. Find similar speaker drivers. Eminence Alpha speaker for open baffle, sealed and ported speaker cabinets. The Eminence Alpha 15A is a 15 inch 8 ohm speaker that works nice as a. Overview. The Eminence AlphaA 15″ speaker is ideal for two-way sound reinforcement systems, keyboard, and guitar combos. For all bass applications.

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Do you have any guidelines or measurements that you will use when building your Allha frame? We have found the AlphaA to be a cost effective and solid performing open baffle woofer.

Eminence – Alpha-15A – 15″ Driver

Last update 31 March REMEDY We will at our election, and subject to availability, either replace, repair, or exchange any product we have sold with a defect in materials or workmanship, or issue a full or pro-rated refund for the purchase price plus applicable tax, providing you return such product to us, properly packaged and shipping prepaid, with a copy of your invoice and an explanation of the defect.

This can be done by tilting the cabinet back and setting the speaker in place. This style of speaker suspension can have a very long service life. If you are satisfied, please leave us positive feedback.

Note that because of the high Q tsthe AlphaA woofer can also work well with an open baffle speaker system. Some products are warranted through the manufacturer and may require return shipment, postage paid, directly to the manufacturer.


The woofer basket also features both a front and back sealing gaskets Photographs 2 and 3 to facilitate front or rear mounting. Hi matevana amd all Audio Circle members.

Eminence Alpha-15A – 15″ Woofer

Fees imposed to us by our supplier to replace packaging, hardware, or printed materials are deducted from the refund amount.

I plan to use at least a three ply 1″ material for rigidity, mass, and to separate the mounting of the Visaton from the Alphas. Damaged Merchandise 51a Carriers will not permit claims after 5 days. USPS orders are shipped the following business day. Considering their size and the size of my apartment — the OBs don’t feel large or overbearing.

For all bass applications. Eeminence woofer is an easy to drive 8 ohm load and will deliver tight bass provided the small motor is not over powered. That would keep the front nice and clean. You will receive a shipment confirmation with tracking information when the order ships. We will eminfnce leave you positive feedback within 24 hours after we receive cleared payment from you.

Eminence – AlphaA – 15″ Driver

We will not be responsible 15x incidental or consequential damage due to defective or improper use of products. Made in the USA. King has done some excellent work with the AlphaA see links emnence bottom of page and found it to be a well performing open baffle woofer that can produce excellent bass output down to about 40 Hz.

We want you to be happy with your order. Rudolf Full Member Posts: This is particularly effective when the HF source is directional, as widebanders are. Anyway, I’m a newbie at any type of speaker building and am also interested in building a H eminende sub using 15 inch driver s. My current drawings have the Visaton about 1″ back from the Alphas. Most returns are processed in business days.


If the product is returned to Parts Express, please contact us with the “Ask a Question” link at the bottom of any listing to obtain a required Return Authorization RA.

In the event the returned package is damaged in route to Parts Express due alphx insufficient packaging, you may file a claim with the carrier. The only proper way would be mechanical alignment – looking at both the front and rear impulses and calculating from there. The Eminence AlphaA woofer on an open baffle is quick, accurate, clean and musical.

A friend can help hold the speaker in place while you listen to the new speaker. The speaker surrounds are an accordion style made from treated cloth Photograph 2.

An Eminence AlphaA sticker covers the small rear motor structure of the woofer which akpha a vented pole piece. Cool setup you have there.

Russell Dawkins Full Member Posts: Inspect your shipment thoroughly upon delivery and report any damage or errors within 5 days of receipt of package. I’ve been running this set-up for a while now and have really been loving it — just thought I’d share some pictures.

May I also know what crossover you are using?