Well I’ve been told that Emei Baguazhang can be kind of “Wushu-ish” in its modern incarnations. But alot of publically taught Bagua styles. Baguazhang is one of the three main Chinese martial arts of the Wudang school, the other two . Liang Shou-yu, Yang Jwing-Ming, Wu Wen-Ching, “Baguazhang : Emei Baguazhang Theory and Applications” ^ Frank Allen, Tina Chunna. Emei Shan, (mountain) is one of the most renowned Buddhist and Daoist sanctuaries in China. The mountain is located in the basin of emei Sichuan Province.

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Many of the systems of Baguazhang on Mount Emei and ejei are numerous forms of the art, appear to have stemmed from Yin Fu a famous disciple of Dong, Hai-Chuan. However, the Emei chivalry man is mysterious and is similar to the Baghazhang legendary Yuxia Knight Errant who like Chinese robin hoods performed only good deeds and keep their methods hidden from the eyes of the profane.

Then I showed my current teacher and he laughed at me. The authors have put as much as possible into this DVD in order to offer a clear and comprehensive overview of the subject. Other than that the form I learned is the same.

Emei Baguazhang Qigong | ssigate

The other set is mentioned in history books; no one has claimed to know it yet. Yet, Taoism was practiced also and multiple martial art styles are said to have originated or blended together there from the various monks and others who lived and practiced there.

General Zhou Quan Chuan, had a nervous disorder and his emel was deteriorating. Skip to main content. Lu later joined Shaolin and Wudang schools.



They developed a circle walking meditation based on the Yijing over 2, years ago. All forms of Baguazhang utilize circle walking baguzhang an integral part of training. Arcing and swinging, walking in the mud along the edge of a circle.

The first one emphasizes Qinna locking and the pressure points techniques, the second one on the wrestling techniques, and the third one on striking techniques. Emei Tiger — The Emei school has many different Tiger forms. Learn hooking, seizing, controlling and cutting techniques, and the complete sequence, with applications against the long sword.

Traditional Emei Wushu is both Buddhist and Daoist in nature as well as a mixture of internal and external martial arts. When China’s Cultural Revolution began, Grandmaster Ju Zan was imprisoned for eight years, as the Communists cleansed China of all religious influence. Throughout its sacred existence, Emei has produced a number of outstanding sages who have brought beacons of enlightenment to the world in Asian history.

Yang does not release anything but traditional, authentic arts, traced back to their root.

Baguazhang—Emei Baguazhang (8 Trigrams Palm Kung Fu)

I did not think Dr. A few of these methods include: Grandmaster Fu believed that only by training thousands of skilled Emei Qigong practitioners, would it be possible for millions to restore baguazhanf preserve their health. If they dont believe you, the best you can do is chalenge them.

In any case we can clearly say that the principles and method as they came into the Li family of Sichuan apparently originated from the mysterious Emei Mountain. Overwhelmed with joy and gratitude, the general decided to leave all his responsibilities and serve emeii great man who had restored his health.

Some techniques to calm and relax the mind: Spiral and Rotate Waist is like an ankle turning, arm swings around. Emei is a rain forest and home to thousands of rare plants, wild animals and herbs which are used for medicine. The second movement thats left out is a downward double hammer fist baguazhnag groin after box the ears and before the first separate hands and kick.


Emei Snake — Baguazhant are three sets of Snake forms in the Emei school.

Organization Shifu Daoqiquan John P. I’m eagerly awaiting my copy of the DVD to go with that big fat tome of poems and explanations that I bought last year. It develops upper body flexibility, leg strength, and lighting-quick hands and feet. Other, more conventional weapons are also used, such as the staff gun baguazbang, spear qiangcane guaihook sword gou and the straight, double-edged sword jian. Thats why I pass them on to you his studentsso when I die, my art and my Sifu’s art stays alive.

Baguazhang practitioners are also known for being able to use anything as a weapon using the principles of their art.

List of styles History Timeline Hard and soft. In this way, the Emei Qigong system could leave the mountain and spread among the masses through the laymen. The title now passed on to a monk, according to Grandmaster Nian’s vision. Then people put there own “salsa” into the form as my teacher would say, and misunderstand and change the forms.

Baguazhang Entertainment Chinese martial arts Chinese swordsmanship Neijia.