This is a new streamer available in early March in the UK but I think it is already released in Europe. Has anyone had a chance to play with it. Ellion HMRH specifications: 0 GB, HDMI, LAN. Ellion Hmr h Hd Media Recorderplayer With Vfd Display, Used Media Players For Sale in Crosshaven, Cork, Ireland for euros on

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Mar 30, at The device consumes only watts of power when in use and only 3 watts in standby mode.

Ellion HMRH specifications

Do you already have an account? Additional Information Troubleshooting Incorrect operation is often mistaken for trouble or malfunction. I think that your problem could be your hdd. I’d be interested to know as well.

DavidTFeb 7, Recording is not possible. May 1, at Mar 1, Messages: HMR H can also be connected to your car stereo so you have access to your hard drive while you are traveling in your car.


Ellion HMR-350H

OK 3 Is it quiet? Plus Features elliion options: Enter text from picture: Rubbish Media Player Wife friendliness: Mar 1, at 9: Installing this software on your computer which is connected to the HMR H via the same network, allows you to hmr-35h the files in any format, even in formats that HMR H can not play for example MKV files and other formats whose codecs are not yet built into the system.

Apr 18, at 8: Feb 7, at 4: Sadly video input can be accessed only in the composite format. Press the Enter hmr-350g on your remote control or OK button on front key.

Mar 25, at 2: Come on, there’s always somebody who wants take that “small step for e,lion. Mar 14, at 4: HMR H can be configured in only 15 minutes including the time taken to install and format the hard drive installed. Mar 5, at I try to find hardware that gives full value for money and also scores high in Features and Performance. I recorded Bourne Supremacy onto HQ and the quality was perfect throughout. Playback You can find the same name of ‘Full Computer Name’ you set in your computer.


Quick question for anybody who owns one already. Key, Format will start. OK, so I have persisted with this device for 2 months now to see if an update would improve my initial response see earlier post. The menu interface is quite easy and impressive.

Feb 29, at 4: Device hmr-50h up frequently.

Main menu has 5 main options: Oct 30, Messages: You can record and enjoy timeshift with this filesystem. The Ellion HMR H is a sleek, simple looking hard drive casing with functions that will make you forget all the video players and recorders you have used till now.