Published in issue , December Order from ElektorPCB, bare, April 16, PUBLISHED. in Elektor magazine | December | Find it here. If your OBD2-Analyser NG is equipped with the optional Bluetooth module published in the April issue of the Elektor magazine, you even. Elektor at the core is a cheerful conglo- brought to you by Circuit Cellar, Elektor April AUS$ – NZ$ – SAR £

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After this the LED should start blinking.

The LED is lit constantly when an interrupt pin is active; otherwise it blinks or is dark. It also has a built-in control function for the circulation pump, which aveil you reduce your environmental impact and keep your bank balance healthy.

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Usually you can tell how much energy your heating system has consumed avrli checking your utilities bill, but what if you want to know how much heat it actually delivered? After the sensors have been connected to the board, the initial temperature curves as yet uncalibrated should appear in the PC program.

This means that the ATmega can spend most of its time in power-down mode. In case of circuits connected to the AC powerline, the usual safety regulations must be observed. Follow project Add a comment. Of which some steps can be omitted if a Raspberry Pi 3 with built-in Bluetooth is used. However, the software supports different operation modes providing much more than a mere emulator.

Further note that some commands only affect the currently active ECU. Their resistance varies by around 0.

This value can be calculated directly from the flow velocity v of the medium and the inner diameter r of the pipe. These two opamps can pull port pin PD7 or PB0 respectively to approximately 0. However, the main advantage is after repair, since you just need one driving cycle to see if the repair was successful.


Car electric circuits Car. Both need additional shared libraries to run. Directory structure and files are almost identical to the old firmware release v1. Follow project Add a comment. An ATmega microcontroller constantly acquires temperature data from the two sensors. The maximum output level of the inexpensive LM opamps is always approximately 1. This yields the formula:.

The boot loader can be downloaded from the Elektor website [2] ; alternatively, you can purchase a pre-programmed microcontroller from the Elektor Shop. This is detected by the temperature difference between the hot water and cold water supply lines. The sensor leektor supply temperature S forms a voltage divider with resistor R The firmware update to version 1.

Here C28 and R61 form a high-pass filter that more or less allows only changes in the signal level to pass. The project main page just contains the old files for HHEmu V2. Service 0x07 helps you to see elekktor problems earlier. The power Pwhich is amount of energy transferred per unit time, is:. Free online library on electronics Elektor Electronics magazine.

Heating System Monitor (090328)

Flow transducers are available for measuring the flow velocity, but installing a flow transducer always requires drilling a hole in a pipe or opening up the piping to insert a fitting. It is rated eelktor only avri low voltages and currents. For example, the elrktor of a KT sensor is approximately 1. Schottky diode D9 prevents unallowable negative elekor levels on U7d when the circuit is not connected to a power source.

Next rotate each of the trimpots in turn fully in the opposite direction; the LED should light flektor. That depends on the availability of some DXM commands that are undocumented in the official DXM documentation, but are used by the latest official firmware v1.


The next step is to launch the PC program termgui. To do that, type “1e1u” or “1e2u” while the HHEmu window is active. I keep them here as long as I do not make a new release with full source code.

Therefore, HHEmu is subject to the same restrictions. Description of old Files in the Attachments Section Check the latest project update to download the latest version of the firmware and the latest version of HHEmu. This is provided by the combination of R20, R26 and R The reference voltage for the sixth sensor, which is attached to the cold domestic water line cold-cold, CCis somewhat lower and is buffered by U5a. The next task is to load the boot loader software into the microcontroller via the ISP port.

DVD Elektor through – Elektor

If you want to know more about factors that may affect the measurement accuracy, you will find a worksheet in the download file for this project. Hot water please If the heating system is also used to supply hot water for domestic use, additional pipes are used for this purpose.

Metering, adjustment, matching Antennas. Reprogramming a few fuses is necessary to enable the boot loader to work properly, but first you should study the microcontroller data sheet carefully.