The Gurus, the Young Man, and Elder PaisiosElder Paisios by Dionysios Farasiotis. Price: $ Elder Paisios of Mount Athos (†) is perhaps the greatest and most revered Elder of the Orthodox Church of our time. Even though he lived the monastic life. Epistles [Elder Paisios of Mount Athos] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Religion: Monastery of the Evangelist John the Theologian: Elder.

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He eldre buried, according to his wishes, at the Monastery of St. The demon, however, who is disguised as an angel, spreads unrest what he possessesor stimulates the heart carnally in order to deceive the soul with the pleasure of the flesh, ostensibly presenting it as spiritual and divine.

During his operation he needed a large amount of blood and a group of novices from the monastery donated blood to save flder. In Elder Paisios was asked to spend some time in and around his home village so as to support the faithful against the proselytism of Protestant groups. In on the feast day of Saint Paisios, Metropolitan Nikolaos Protopappas of Oof remarked that “Saint Paisios was the saint of the dispirited and of sinners”.

His last days were full of suffering, but also of the joy of the martyrs. Elder Paisios stayed by his side until his repose, serving him selflessly as his disciple.

Naturally, every person will be paid by the boss for whom he worked.

Saint Paisios of Mount Athos

When the discussion is spiritual it paiios weary. This sigh brings divine consolation, whereas physical contraction, when one pressures himself egotistically and without discernment, brings despair and anxiety. Those who have philotimobecause they move within the heavenly sphere of doxology, joyfully accept their trials as well as their blessings, and glorify God for them. In part two, we are presented with the full spectrum of his spiritual personality: Elder Paisios poured out his heart in love for his fellow man.


We Orthodox Christians living in the West must act against this influence by refusing to accord outright trust to our thoughts.

If, in this life, we do not punish him on our own for the misdeeds he has done and do not cut off our evil desires, these deeds and desires will punish us eternally. It was during this time of hospitalization that his long friendship with the then young sisterhood of St. Being indebted to them, the Elder would later help them spiritually in every way he could. In particular, he read the lives of the Saints, the Gerontikonand especially the Ascetical Homilies of St.

He was free from every convenience, because that which we call today convenience is in fact inconvenience. The purpose is for the person to know himself and sense his sinfulness. Excessive work, with its fatigue and distraction, especially when it is done hastily, sets vigilance aside and irritates the soul. A soul that is still moved by the charm of the material world reveals that the vain world still lives within. On October 5, the Elder left his beloved Holy Mountain for the last time.

Though he had planned on being off the mountain for just a few days, while in Thessaloniki he was diagnosed with cancer that needed immediate treatment. Elder Paisios, perhaps more than any other contemporary elder, has captured the minds and hearts of Greek people. Hence, it is natural for them to be cold and fall spiritually ill.

Since patristic ascesis and inner experience are absent, this kind of theology is full of uncertainty and questions.

SAINT PAISIOS of Mount Athos

Then man is no longer bothered by external disquietude, for in essence only his body is found on earth, while his mind is in Heaven. When the child grows the parents cease to have authority. This method is very helpful for it creates spiritual liveliness and drives away the weariness pqisios inaction through interspersed spiritual movements, prostrations.


That is why it is necessary for one to leave the world for the desert, struggle with humility, repentance and prayer, be deserted by his passions, remove his spiritual “rust” and turn into a good conductor in order to receive Divine Grace and become a true theologian. You should answer him abruptly: The self-abandon with which he served God and his fellow man, his strictness with himself, the austerity of his regime, and his sensitive nature made him increasingly prone to sickness.

Paisios remained in his hermitage after his repose. Illness and a blessed repose. It’s not only that we become accustomed to saying the prayer. In order to gather our mind in our heart at the hour of prayer, it is very helpful to hold our breath slightly, but not constantly, for the heart is harmed by this bodily contraction. Practice patience without judging with the logical mind.

If they are illiterate and ask such things it will be alright. Likewise, those who are mindful in spiritual study, but only so as to entertain themselves, without employing it for their spiritual progress, resemble farmers who are too bored arhos grab the plow and instead snatch a spot in the off shade.

First of all, Elder Paisios tells us that, for love to blossom in the heart, we must pray with pain of heart.

That way naturally I cause trouble, because perhaps some of them will undertake monasticism and later will suffer and fail. So much higher you throw a thing, with analogous power it will fall down and break in pieces. Disobedience to a Blasphemer. He takes from them trust in God and begins to afflict them with self-assurance, logic, thinking, criticism.

The elder spoke again on the same theme:

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