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A recurring theme with Polanski’s films, but especially pronounced in The Tenantis that of the protagonist as a silent, isolated observer in hiding. Wanted and Desired The Girl: But it is the strange intrusiveness of the police-state which injects real terror into Trelkovsky’s life. You could extend the analogy further and compare Repulsion inquiluno, Rosemary’s Baby and The Tenant to Polanski’s The Pianistwhere Adrien Brody ‘s protagonist, a Jew living in Poland under Nazi occupation, is reduced to hiding a pitiful, starving existence hiding in cubbyholes and the bombed-out ruins of buildings where he cannot be sure whether the people he encounters are inqulino or foe or will betray him.

El quimérico inquilino – Le locataire (The Tenant)

The owner pressures him into having Choule’s regular order, which is then always given to him without being ordered, against his preferences. The individual’s paranoia equals our well-ordered world’s desire to persecute.

In a disenchanted, jaded world with its fixed social order, the individual and one’s autonomy have but one fate: He receives a postcard that Badar had posted before realising Simone had died.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! He has visions of his neighbors playing football with a human head, finds the toilet covered in hieroglyphs, and looking across the courtyard, sees himself standing at his apartment window, looking into the bathroom with binoculars.


This is a vicious cycle of dependence between people’s unconscious yet compulsive cruelty to each other and the tortured compliance with this cruelty by others. Simone is, in fact, only a soul. Although Clayton later insisted that he was never specifically asked if he was still interested, and never said “no” to it, Diller wrongly assumed that Clayton had lost interest and transferred the project to Polanski, without asking Clayton.

In the final scene, Trelkovsky is bandaged up in the same fashion as Simone Choule, in the same hospital bed. The cuts were fully waived in the Paramount DVD.

The Tenant – Wikipedia

Poe’s tales of madness out of loneliness, Hoffmann’s stories of tragic delirium most prominently, The Sandman, Majorat, and The Mines of Falunand, of course, Gogol’s eerie The Overcoat provided Polanski with the inspiration for this modern examination of the same topics.

The Tenant Quimeico Polanski, is, essentially, a story about identity, the recognition of another self in a body that cannot recognise itself anymore. After hearing stories of her, a passenger on a cruise ship develops an irresistible infatuation with an eccentric paraplegic’s wife. The film adaptation was originally qhimerico have been made by British director Jack Claytonwho was attached to the project around seven years before Polanski made it.

Does a mysteriously hostile environment drive him to commit suicide, or do the necessities of a cold reality break a tender soul? Treibt ihn seine ihm feindlich gesinnte warum? Choule because of his frail, almost inexistent personality’s weak resistance to either her ghost or his bullying neighbors as quimericco he has always been Mme.


Although typically labelled as the third part of Polanski’s so-called “Apartment Trilogy”, this came about more by luck than inquilno design.

These hieroglyphics include the Ankh Cross, which is one qumerico the most famous Quimerick symbols strongly linked to sexuality. As well, we can spot the Eyes of Horus: Edit Did You Know?

Der MieterDie Besten Horrorfilme. Una frase, repetida con frecuencia en el filme, conecta la trama del ensayo audiovisual. Para Simone, es como la ley de la venganza: A neighbour politely asks him to turn down the music, as his wife is ill and trying to sleep.

El quimérico inquilino

Most of the action occurs within a claustrophobic environment where dark, ominous things occur without reason or explanation to a seemingly shy protagonist, whose perceived failings as quimericoo tenant are ruthlessly pursued by what Trelkovsky himself views as an increasingly cabalistic conspiracy. Still, The Tenant has deeper literary roots.

The theme of loneliness and the sense of purposeless petty existence are the real backdrop of this excellent work, the fact which makes it similar to Kubrick’s Shining. The Tenant 7.

Trelkovsky, a French citizen of Polish origin, is a nondescript and unassuming loner who moves into an apartment the previous occupant of which, a young woman, has thrown herself out of the window.