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Concejo Internacional de Enfermeras; Most of them were over 60 years of age, with an average of 3. Measurement of nursing time.

El pensamiento enfermero by Ylenia Ruiz Pérez on Prezi

Modelo de oferta y demanda de recursos humanos en psnsamiento para Colombia. Personal fiable vidas salvadas. International Council of Nurses; Additionally, in his most recent work, the author highlights the value of the staff models of personnel linked to the results obtained in patients and to ehfermero combination the personnel’s skills and to their retention to guarantee their stability.

Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol. How to cite this article. Reviewing the benefits of health workforce stability. In recent years, research has focused on revealing the contexts of caregiving and its relation to the results.

California’s minimum nurse-to-patient ratios: Nurse reports from the frontlines: Planning of nursing personnel requires understanding the nature of caregiving, hence, it demands placing them within the cultural and social context that endows them with sense and significance. These aspects, in general, are essential to plan and evaluate the situation of supply and demand of the human resource and become an imperative for nursing associations.

Buchan J, Ball J. Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia. In keeping with the aforementioned, Thorsell et al. The periodic analysis of nursing personnel, required in healthcare institutions, social organizations, and programs with groups, must be supported by an opportune and valid information system founded on the nursing diagnosis 45 as basis for the calculation and implementation of taxonomies, which identifies the actions by each of the members of the nursing team according to the categories regulated in the country.

Simplified Therapeutic Intervention Scoring System: They highlight the importance of studies that reflect the amount of work nurses must perform not only with patients and with the results in the organization, but also their participation in continuous education activities, information, and other specific tasks that are not visible and which is necessary to evidence.


Knowing what and how much personnel is required to offer caregiving has been marked by the calculation of coefficients and time averages to execute activities, the description of the work load that includes studying times and movements, analysis of supply and demand of human resource, mediated by the profession’s regulations in each country and by inquiry within the context of caregiving.

Asociacion Nacional de Enfermras de Colombia; Planning of the nursing human talent is part of the complexity and uncertainty of healthcare services and is within the challenge of responding to the needs of human beings within the global, national, and kerouaf contexts. Effects of nursing practice environments on quality outcomes in nursing homes.

Other concerns from research are related to stimuli and healthcare of the nurses. Final considerations Planning of human talent in nursing must be based on the patients’ needs, the families, and the human groups in objective and pertinent manner and close to the context and conditions surrounding the act of caregiving.

Bythere were 23, nursing professionals and 82, nursing aides, for an estimated index in of 5. An approach is undertaken of the concepts and methodologies concerning the planning of the nursing personnel required to respond to the care needs of individuals, families, and groups. This is reasonably more profitable and is, generally, the most accepted.

Staff satisfaction and retention and the role of the nursing unit manager. As expressed by Cuesta, 43 the conditions and the context indicate the problematic nature of the experience surrounding caregiving; consider it as that set of events and occurrences that create situations, themes, or problems and the responses individuals undertake to solve it.

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Nursing Activities Score in the intensive care unit: The authors affirm that ‘without enough nursing professionals in quality and quantity, the Objectives of the Millennium and Healthcare for All will be mere rhetorical expressions.

Planning of nursing personnel requires, among other aspects, analysis of the supply and demand of the nursing team to meet the caregiving needs within context; the determination of the number of personnel in financing from the healthcare sector; and, finally, awareness of the working conditions, rotation, flexibility and stability of personnel, different types of contracts, availability of a nursing team with high leadership training, regulations on nurse staffing to guarantee quality care.


In fact, these have obeyed the scientific-technological and communication advances in healthcare, reforms of healthcare services that interfere in the organization, and the availability and qualification of personnel.

Minnick and Mion 3 affirm, through an investigation, that the results of studies on nursing work have had different definitions, variants and methodological approaches, which is why in many instances the conclusions are contradictory as of the difficulties given by the information systems and the composition of databases, personnel assignment strategies, and design of analytical techniques.

Calidad de los servicios de salud en America Latina y el Caribe: None How to cite this article: Adverse events associated with organizational factors of general hospital inpatient psychiatric care environments.

Gaviria, 11 in enfemero revision of the scientific evidence on the evaluation of care, confirms how nursing care requires adequate and suitable personnel, financial and technological resources, as well as definition of the processes and functions as appropriate matters to achieve high-quality results, which are free of risks.

What is planning of nursing personnel? In addition, ‘the social healthcare security model does not directly recognize nursing care within the skills and functions of the nursing professional, integrating such within the medical procedures, or within what is known as basic services’. In this sense, Pensamuento 17,18 considers that, besides the aforementioned, we must consider the work load, work environment, the complexity of each patient, level of skills of the nursing personnel, the combination of nursing personnel, economic efficiency and effectiveness, and the impact of nursing care upon the patient’s health.

Intensive Crit Care Nurs. Baumann 28regarding the repercussions of the rotation of nurses and the benefits of greater stability of nursing personnel, considers it important to have lower personnel rotation, analyze the high costs the rotation of nurses has had for organizations and the effects on the quality of care.

Kerouaac, the investigation defines as priority the need to create a Human Resource Planning Unit that meets the demands of the new institutional context, models of service and care delivery.