Buy El caso Neruda (Spanish Edition) by Roberto Ampuero (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Novela policial en que el mismísimo Pablo Neruda contrata al detective Cayetano Brulé para resolver un caso: la búsqueda de una misteriosa mujer. : El caso Neruda (Spanish Edition) () by Roberto Ampuero and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books.

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A brief love affair in East Berlin.

The historical aspect was especially interesting to me, since I don’t know much about Chilean history. A detective hired by Pablo Neruda, who encourages him to read Maigret novels for his training set against a backdrop robwrto political upheaval in Chile on the eve of Pinochet’s rise to power, intrigue, communists and more.

El caso Neruda by Roberto Ampuero

In each country, Ampuero supplies the reader with such detail that you feel you can actually taste the medianoche sandwich, hear the music of Irakere, smell the cigars being smoked, visualize the architecture all while being enveloped in the noir atmosphere. Ampuero now resides in Iowa where he is a professor at the University of Iowa in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.

You have to live in the US and be the first to leave a comment. Quotes from El caso Neruda. In the above passage Ampuero compares Neruda and Brecht as writers who know how to survive sometimes needing to compromise their own principles in doing so.

I love his poetry so much my husband and I actually had one of his poems read at our wedding as one of the readings so I was very excited to get a fictional glimpse of what ampuro man was actually like. Neruda tells Cayetano not to say a word to anyone while handing him a fistful ajpuero Georges Simenon Inspector Maigret mysteries with a suggestion to learn how a Detective goes about his business.

From the last days of the Allende government to the Pinochet takeover, this mystery covers a lot of historic ground as well as tidbits into the heart and soul of Neruda and his love for country. Ampuero is an internationally acclaimed and translated nerufa and his Maigret wannabe detective, Cayetano Brule, has been entertaining readers for years.


I object to the author’s pretense of providing an actual glimpse into the life of the real Neruda when in actuality, we are only receiving a glimpse into Ampuero’s own extreme egoism in believing that he can get away with putting his own words, interpretations and biases into the mouth of Neruda, a world-class poet whose actual words and life impacted, and still inspire, millions around the planet.

In he moved in with a Swedish family, residing in Stockholm. The entire narrative hangs itself on Neruda’s female conquests, but the end of Neruda’s life is also wrapped around the coup in Chile which saw the legitimately elected president of Chile, Salvador Allende be deposed by Agosto Pinochet and the Nixon White House.

Off they go to see a performance of Life of Galileo, a piece written by Brecht during the Nazi era.

Now, ill with cancer and facing death he asks Cayetano to help resurrect his past in an attempt to assuage old guilts and remorse. The problem for Latin American language authors is that people have a tendency to compare to some pretty heavy hitters, like Garcia Marquez, Vargas Llosa, or Luis Borges. He enrolled himself in the Humboldt University where he took postgraduate courses in literature, economics, and politics until I think it is safe to assume that a man who can write nfruda about love has experienced it in spades.

DSV taught me to be disciplined and serious with what I do, to not waste time, to take difficult situations in stride, to be frugal and simple, and to experience and live in other cultures. I found myself uncertain about many of those scenes.

Roberto Ampuero

At a dinner party one evening he comes across the poet Pablo Neruda who won the Nobel Prize for Literature injust two years previously. Then in he obtained a B. As a reader, I was not able to suspend my disbelief with Neruda as a character. I just wished the main character had been more developed instead of focusing on Neruda. Una duda profunda que lo atormenta cuando percibe el final de su existencia.

Brule was prone to falling into spurious and unmotivated flirtations and romantic relationships–speaking of sexist. With such a thrilling backdrop, the story of Neruda and his mystery search shows a side to Chile never seen before and a poet and his life which takes centre stage. He soon discovers that the Doctor is dead but his widow, the beautiful Beatriz Lederer and her daughter Tina, left Mexico for Cuba.


El caso Neruda

As a fan of Pablo Neruda, I was quite eager to read this book but I was very disappointed when I did. If this seems like a mild review, that is because it is. While avoiding spoilers, this fiction centers on what the author represents as Pablo Neruda’s casoo wish: How often do you find a novel that rolls through all these geographic locations? Who Killed Christian Kustermann? Ian McEwan wrote of a fictional Nobel Prize-winning scientist in Solarand managed the nuance mixed much ribaldry but did not base his work on just one man.

This translation of a work published in gives us an intimate, if fictional, portrait of Pablo Neruda. As they talk, Neruda provides him with a challenge — to find a man he has n Literary tourism?

The Neruda Case – Roberto Ampuero

Ampuero’s mix of ambition and nostalgia, and especially the wide-ranging travel, weigh down ampureo book. A successful Chilean detective remembers his first case inwhen the great poet Pablo Neruda hired him to find a doctor he knew in Mexico in the s.

Ampuero shows some decent first-hand knowledge — surely only someone who has lived there would include among the contents of a nightstand drawer in the GDR: There’s an overabundance of great subject matter here, and Ampuero lets himself get distracted by much of it, forcing too much into the novel, diluting the story.

I received this ampeuro copy as a winner in a Goodreads First Reads drawing. This page was last edited on 3 Novemberat From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Throughout the book, Cayetano travels in order to solve Neruda’s case.

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