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Motor difficulties are limited to experiences of the children not only regarding interaction with people, objects, and events, but also regarding how to manipulate objects, repeat actions, control their own bodies and body scheme. Three types of validation were applied: Original Articles Global developmental abilities of cochlear implanted children with spastic cerebral palsy: Besides hearing and motor privation factors, it is also important that no child presented with intellectual changes; therefore, the development of language skills is observed, even if slowly, for children using CI.

All the participants in G1 and G2 attended school and rehabilitation centers, being assisted in the fields of Physical Therapy and Speech Language and Audiology Therapy since early childhood.

Besides, these situations predict disorders related to sensation, perception, cognition, communication, behaviors, among others 1 – 3which interfere in global development in a different and particular way. In G1, both comorbidities, motor limitation and HI, interfered with language more strongly.

Also, after the child with CP receives the benefit of speech perception by CI, the child starts presenting receptive language.

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Motor impairment of G1 and G2 and HL in G1 affected the development in ed assessed areas, but these factors did not restrict personal-social development. Perceived qualitative benefits of cochlear implants in children with multi-handicaps. Set journal policies appropriately and aim to meet those policies, particularly with respect to: Children dw cochlear implants and complex needs: International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics.

To analyze gross motor, psicolinguixtica motor-adaptive, language, social function performance, and communicative behaviors among cochlear-implanted children with spastic cerebral palsy CP and children with CP without hearing loss HL and to compare them with children with normal development. In this context, it is important that the children can perform activities independently, aiming to develop their motor skills in a more elaborate and coordinated way, even if adaptations are necessary to improve their psiicolinguistica.


Denver Developmental Materials; Children in G1 were followed up under Cochlear Implant Program in the Hospital for Rehabilitation of Craniofacial Anomalies at USP and they met all the eligibility criteria for the CI surgery 25 ; requirements involved preserved intellectual skills. Literature shows psicolingistica effect of the motor condition of CP on several areas of development 3 – Besides data related to speech perception, a few studies analyzed other aspects of global development regarding the performance of children with CP after CI 13202123and none of them presented how the development of children with CP without HI takes place, in comparison with that of children with CP undergoing the process of hearing rehabilitation by using a CI.


No children in G1 or G2 presented seizures or episodes of epilepsy. Techniques for assessing auditory speech perception and lipreading enhancement in young deaf children. Denver II Training Manual. Journal of Athletic Training. A population-based study and systematic review of hearing loss in children with cerebral palsy.

By considering the total number of items and analysis criteria, the maximum sum reached 40 points. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used for performance on TRT obtained by young adults and robot in two software. It can be inferred that motor limitation may have psicolinguisyica impact on global development; however, it may not have been sufficient to interfere substantially in acquisition of language skills in G2 Table 2.

Revista brasileira de crescimento e desenvolvimento humano. The Deary-Liewald reaction time task. All of them presented with hearing level 2 26 and began communication by the oral language, unlike the other groups in which participants were able to produce more elaborated sentences.

The social environment also favors language development, that is, if family or other social environments integrate in daily and social life activities of the children, requiring elaborate linguistic contents, the children will have chances of not only acquiring verbal skills, but also expanding their linguistic structures, thus becoming, according to their capacity, effective communicators.


Longitudinal follow-ups involving more individuals ka CP who use CI are necessary to know the trajectory of the global development of these children. Communicative behavior observation CBO 28 protocol was used and analyzed the following categories: Cochlear implants in children with cerebral palsy.

The analyses were carried out in accordance with the instructions of the instruments. Some authors showed that degree of motor disorders is directly related to functional capacity, that is, the higher the motor severity, the higher the functional capacity, and this can reflect on the global development of skills in the several fields 71011because, for the child, the performance of movements favors the construction of sensorimotor patterns. Initially, while administering the instrument, the age of the child was calculated in months and, afterwards, a vertical line was traced in the specific protocol of the test.

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Hearing impairment HI is common, especially because the etiological factor of CP may be the same for hearing loss 12 These results show that hearing privation is a determinant and prevalent factor for the oral language acquisition and development 1722 – Matching chronological age was considered to be satisfactory because the difference was not more than 3 months.

The evolving role of public health in the delivery of health care.

The motor scores obtained by participants in G1 and G2 Table 1 indicate the level of functional autonomy to act independently in an environment. Exercise, mood and cognitive performance in intellectual disability-A neurophysiological approach. Findings regarding the motor area in this study Table 2 show a specially relevant characteristic of CP, that is, the diversity of clinical outcome regarding the acquisition and performances in the different development dimensions, psicoilnguistica reported in literature 7 – Using the Gross Motor Function Classification System to describe patterns of motor severity in cerebral palsy.

Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers;