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When the Persians took over Egypt, Naucratis remained an important Greek port and the colonist population were used as mercenaries by both the rebel Egyptian princes and the Persian kings, who later gave them land grants, spreading Greek culture into the valley of the Ptolemaco.

Philopator was devoted to orgiastic religions and to literature. During the rule of the later Ptolemies, Rome gained more and more power over Egypt, and was eventually declared guardian of the Ptolemaic Dynasty.

Alexandria supplanted Memphis as the preeminent religious city. The city enjoyed a calm political history under the Ptolemies.

In BC, Ptolemy took the title of King. We have still, inscribed on stone, decrees passed in the assembly of the people of Ptolemais, couched in the regular forms of Greek political tradition: Cleopatra V did co-rule, but it was with another female, Berenice IV. Ptolemy I Soter first. Egypt After the Pharaohs: The art of ancient Egypt Rev. Alexandriaa Greek polis founded by Alexander the Polemaico, became the capital city and a major center of Greek culture and trade.

Ptolemaic Kingdom – Wikipedia

The Libraryat that ptplemaico the largest in the world, contained several hundred thousand volumes and housed and employed scholars and poets. Greek official Egyptian common.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, i. Egypt in the Age of Cleopatra: When Alexander the Great arrived, he established Alexandria on the site of the Persian fort of Rhakortis. Facing certain death at the hands of OctavianAntony attempted suicide by falling on his own sword.


This custom made Polemaico politics confusingly incestuous, and the later Ptolemies were increasingly feeble. The division of Alexander’s empire. After this triumph Ptolemy no longer engaged actively in war, although he supported the enemies of Macedon in Greek politics. Nevertheless, the Greeks always remained a privileged minority in Ptolemaic Egypt. The Greeks now formed the new upper classes in Egyptreplacing the old native aristocracy.

Octavian became the sole ruler of Rome and began converting it into a monarchy, the Roman Empire. During Alexandria’s brief literary golden period, c. When Antiochus withdrew, the brothers agreed to reign jointly with their sister Cleopatra II.

El Egipto ptolemaico – Miguel Ángel Elvira – Google Books

Their daughter Cleopatra Selene was eventually married through arrangement by Octavian into the Mauretanian royal line. Online books Resources in your library Resources in other libraries. Black Ethiopians are also known to have served in the military along with the Galatians, Mysians and others. This portrayal of Horus refers to the myth wherein Horus triumphs over dangerous animals in the marshes of Khemmis with magic power also known as Akhmim. Modern Egypt British occupation.

The main Roman interest in Egypt was ptolenaico the reliable delivery of grain to the city of Rome. They lived under Greek law, received a Greek education, were tried in Greek courts, and were citizens of Greek cities.

Serapis had powers over fertility, the sun, corn, funerary rites, and medicine. During his stay in the Alexandrian palace, he received year-old Cleopatra, allegedly carried to him in secret wrapped in a carpet. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Yet if they had no place of political assembly, they would have their gymnasium, the essential sign of Hellenism, serving something of the purpose of ;tolemaico university for the young men. Although they established a prosperous kingdom, enhanced ptolfmaico fine buildings, the native population enjoyed few benefits, and there were frequent uprisings. Julius Caesar left Rome for Alexandria in 48 BC in order to quell the looming civil war, as war in Egypt, which was one of Rome’s greatest suppliers of grain and other expensive goods, would have had a detrimental effect on trade.


Journal of Near Eastern Studies.

Ptolemaic Kingdom

With the deaths of Cleopatra and Caesarion, the dynasty of Ptolemies and the entirety of pharaonic Egypt came to an end. Intercultural Poetics in Ptolemaic Alexandria Berkeley, Ptolemy marched triumphantly into the heart of the Seleucid realm, as far ptolemaicco Babyloniawhile his fleets in the Aegean Sea made fresh conquests as far north as Thrace. Aside from the name of the king, there egipho other features that specifically date this to the Ptolemaic period.

The Ptolemaic Kingdom in BC in blue.

Generally, the Greeks of Ptolemaic Egypt felt like representatives of a higher civilization but were curious about the native culture of Egypt. Further outrage followed at the donations of Alexandria ceremony in autumn of 34 BC in which TarsusCyreneCreteCyprusand Israel were all to be given as client monarchies to Antony’s children by Cleopatra. Hermas son of Doreon, of the deme Megisteus, was the proposer: Retrieved from ” https: Periodic conflicts occurred between Jews and ethnic Greeks.

Scenes were often framed with textual inscriptions, with a higher text to image ratio than seen previously during the New Kingdom. Views Read Edit View history. Under Roman rule, Egypt was governed by a prefect selected by the emperor from the Equestrian class and not a governor from the Senatorial order, to prevent interference by the Roman Senate.

However, with the decline of royal power, they gained influence and became common in the military. Following Alexander’s death in Babylon in BC, [8] a succession crisis erupted among his generals. The Historical Understanding of the Ptolemaic State. His domestic policy differed from his father’s in that he patronised the native Egyptian religion more liberally: