By now most people have heard about the EF Strategy Guide, but that this work goes beyond the manual included with the game itself. Instructions on installing EF V2 on 64 bit Windows are available. .. If you have a specific EF TrackIR profile, assign it to the game. Super EF – Manual. Game Title, Super EF Document Type, Manual. Platform, PC (DOS/Windows). Author, paulo_becas (stats). Author website.

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Key lessons for New Pilots: Each of these sections give you insights on what you need to consider from pilots that have “been there, done that”. Aircraft are listed with their known speed, weapons load outs, corner velocity and DASS Code readings.

There is no emergency landing option in the current release. Sim Cluster Bombs Question: Can anyone give me some advice? How can I make sure that I’ll hit gams right structure?

Write a comment Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you’d like. At top or bottom of bomb line. You will get many tips and tricks on just how to successfully strike a ground target. Oh, and try to keep out of the dirt by keeping a close eye on your altimeter.

: EF Strategy Guide

One tip from me, and the section is not as adamant about this, but they do make it clear. Webweaver 0 point.


Of every post I have seen in various places on the WEB, I have never seen a bad response to this work. None of this applies to Wingmen three and four as they will operate on there own in combat.

How mission selection affects the out come of the campaign.

Download EF 2000

The book is broken down into sections that make reference pretty easy. Here are my notes on air-refueling: I have some problems while padlocking missiles He’s got that one. See older comments 5. The complex nature of a campaign requires a great deal of planning and knowledge. The section culminates in a Mission study of an Airfield strike. Since most network “newbies” will mahual joining in a group of experienced network pilots, knowing these basics will make your first experience more fun and get you over the hurdle of “ROOKIE” much quicker.

They also discuss formation landing. List of new games here Follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

They are the effective radar range in up, forward, and down directions. List of top downloads.

There are some bugs but they can still be very useful. I have shot down many friendly aircraft The trick, just like in the real thing is to concentration being smooth.

It is not embarrassing to return without chaffs and flares but to return without your plane! Can anyone give me any tips on hitting the right target with the laser guided bombs?

Try to pick a geographical marker if possible a different colour building or one that’s taller ,this will also help. Will give you a clue just what they are up to.


+READ+ Ef game manual for madden == – UM6SS DIGITAL

I could be wrong, but I think I recall being able to cycle refueling HUD info between different tankers using the C key just like when nanual cycle targets on radar.

When you engage afterburners you are dumping extra fuel into the jet pipes hence after-burnso your rate of fuel consumption goes up dramatically. The multiplayer fun factor is still unmatched IMO.

Try to pull up as soon as you release or you will be caught in the blast unless using snakeyes. manuak

Rudder pedals seem to change yaw while in flight at low speed. Keep me logged in on this device.

PC (DOS/Windows)

Master these two sections and you df2000 be a force the bad guys will fear. The release level for the cluster bomb, as stated in the manual, is feet.

There are great tricks and tips, and some wonderful challenges here. Or do I have to somehow figure it out? Chaff is for heat-seeking, Flare for IR the manual says, but how on hame do I know what’s coming at me?? I expected some glaring mistakes and erroneous data that only someone with way too many hours flying this sim would catch. How do you find the CCIP? According to the manual there is an Emergency Landing request command.

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