Eemax SP – SP Single Point Electric Tankless Water Heater w/ Top Connections – Specifications Volts: V kW: kW Amps: 25A Temp Rise F at.5 . Find great deals for Eemax SP Tankless Water Heater Single Point Hand Washing. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Eemax SP Water Heater V/KW/25A ideal for: concessions stands, schools, public hand washing and more. Buy this Single Point SP now.

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If you still have problems after reading andcarrying out the instructions in this manual then pleasecall the Eemax technical support department on thetoll free number below and we will be happy s3p012 help.

Any other mounting configuration is wrong and the unit will not work!


Is the circuit breaker switched on at the breaker panel? You will need a flow rate of about 0. In the brass outlet fitting there is a flow restrictorThis is a little black bung.

Shut the water off to the unit and thenremove the bung from the fitting. Now replace the fitting and with thefaucet open fully see if the light comes on now, with water flowingthrough the unit.

Take a reading of the ohmsvalue between these two rods.

The water flow is too high. Reduce the water flow using the faucet,with experimentation you should notice an increase in temperature.

Make sure the aerator supplied with sp012 heater is attached to the faucet,these are integral to the proper performance of your heater. If you do nothave the special Eemax aerator call Eemax at and wewill send you one. Make sure the printed circuit board is mounted in the correct position.

Eemax SP Single Point

Thisis the top set of mounting holes. Failure to mount the board in thecorrect position will cause element burn out and may cause further damage to yourheater.


This board may have been incorrectly moved when serviced previously.

Everything you need to know about troublesho oting. If you still have problems after reading and. Don’t see a manual you are looking for?

Tell us what’s missing. Tell us about it. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. Your manual failed to upload

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