By: feathersmmmm. Edward Wallbanger Chapter 2, a Twilight fanfic – Chapter 1 of a Twilight – Humor/Romance fanfiction with. edward cullen a.k.a Womanizer -ericastwilight. the list-lauraAcullen. edward wallbanger-feathersmmmm. caravaggio-meimei a love that lasts-anallbr. Edward Wallbanger By: feathersmmmm. Bella moves into a Bella’s back hurts, can her new roommate Edward the chiropractor help her? Will they behave?.

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Sequel is up, and Remake is up as well. Until she meets Edward Cullen, a divorced father of two.

M for every type of exward in the world. Bella is going to be Edwards most exciting game ever. Rated M for adult stuff. Lacie rated it it was amazing Apr 29, House of Hope by rbsschess reviews Bella is a 27 year old widow whose late husband has given her a task to help her live and hopefully find love again. But what they find in each other, neither of them could have expected. An unexpected hook-up at a party in Port Angeles turns into obsession.


Purelyamuse: Edward Wallbanger

Somewhere In Between by Kassiah reviews A tragic accident separated Edward and Bella, forcing them down paths they never envisioned. Jones rated it liked it Aug 03, Do opposites really attract? Bella rents a lake house for the weekend and when she sees the man who lives in the house across from hers, fun things happen. Marlyn rated it it was amazing Mar 18, The Getaway by twihigh reviews Bella Swan just left a serious relationship due to infidelity and takes an impromptu vacation to help her heal.

What will happen after a efward night of drinking 2 bottles of Champagne, with Edward so close by in his apartment? ExB Lemons Twilight – Rated: Author has written 1 story for Twilight.

Twilight – Fanfiction Recommendations

All norm pairs All human. She can only hope that her father and brother will be willing to take her in.

Now she’s forced to move there and to meet the prince, Edward Cullen. Part One of The Photographer’s Series. Do you know how long I’ve been looking for someone like you? Just In All Stories: She’s alone and outnumbered, will she survive?


Guess who lives next door? Cautiously, Bella attempts to test drive this theory with her gorgeous Spin teacher, Edward. For the love of a King by magan bagan reviews Bella Swan was leading a pretty normal life.

Sex, drugs, language, dark themes. She meets the dazzling but rakish Edward, but is warned of his less than angelic ways. Twilight with a twist.

Love, lust, angst, smut, and lots of Lemons. Hit By Destiny by ocdmess reviews Bella wants to die, and almost gets her wish fulfilled when she gets hit by a shiny Volvo. Liza rated it it was amazing Feb 12, Secret Society reviews Bella, Alice and Rose are high society college students that get invited to an exclusive party at the Cullen Manor.

None other than Bella Swan.